Wii interest wanes

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The end as Wii know it? "the Wii traded on its full motion control handset, but the first batch of games that came with the machine revealed too many limitations of that method of control. Now it… Go To Full Article

Intel CPU Power Delivery Design Guidelines and Specs: Vdroop Explained

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A very technical article from the guys over at thetechrepository tries to give us a look on vdroop issues for processors on the Intel side of things: "Allowable tolerances are a necessity in any engineering discipline. Set… Go To Full Article

First 3x DVD-ROM Produced Commercially - "Low-Cost HD"

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It still needs an expensive HD-DVD reader to function... "3x DVD-ROM media is red laser media designed for playback in HD DVD players, as an alternative to blue laser media. The disc is the same as other… Go To Full Article

Overclocking Adventure with Dangerden Water Cooling

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TomsHW takes a high end system and uses a Dangerden WC kit for some overclocking fun: "With each step you are pushing your components closer towards failure; push too hard for too long and you can shorten… Go To Full Article

Rydermark benchmark inches closer to release

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RyderMark™ is a free cutting-edge DirectX 9 benchmark for the PC hardware enthusiast and gaming communities. Utilising a proprietary multithreaded game engine and based on an actual game scheduled for future release, the benchmark shows off exciting…

Zalman Reserator 2 Water Cooling System

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Silent cooling with this passive water cooling kit: "The Zalman Reserator 2 Water Cooling System is the next installment in the Reserator line. The Reserator V2 is quiet different looking than their pervious Reserator 1, but it… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

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Affordable Quad Core CPU? Can you find the applications that stress all the cores? "What do you get when you take one of the best performing CPUs from last year and double it? Twice as much to… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ CPU

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Highest end AMD CPU tested: "With the end of the K8 nearing, AMD releases its last Athlon 64 X2 processor based on the K8 architecture. The new processor is the fastest Athlon 64 to date, and reaches… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GeForce 8600 series will launch in the middle of 2Q

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Right after AMD R600.. "Nvidia is preparing to launch a series of GeForce 8600 cards in the middled of the second quarter 2007 to help satisfy the increasing demand for DirectX 10 supporting graphics cards caused by… Go To Full Article

ASUS set to launch 2000:1 contrast LCD screen

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Black is back, with Asus's new LCD screens: "Teh firm's latest monitor, the LS201 is a 20-inch LCD with resolution of 1680x1050 pixels, but what stands out is 2000:1 contrast ratio, which is a definitely a nice… Go To Full Article

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