Ultra Products Grid ATX Mid-Tower Case Giveaway

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It has been some time but we are once again proud to announce a giveaway thanks to Ultra Products. With the suppport of Ultra Products we received a offer we couldn't refuse. If you want to get your hands on… Go To Full Article

Silverstone TJ09 Full Tower Case Review

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Taking a closer look at the front of the case it is a simplistic design, no bling, just the requisite power and reset buttons and the power and drive leds and the Silverstone logo. Less is DEFINITELY more in this… Go To Full Article

Scythe Kama Thermo Review

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PCSilenzioso compares two Scythe Kama Thermo to test the temperatures at different conditions. Test results confirm the precision and the accuracy that the product specfications announce, with a temperature accuracy of +/- 1 °C. So, Scythe Kama Thermo does a… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master COSMOS PC Case Review

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This is one of the most well made cases around and is designed to reduce noise in your room and keep your components cool at the same time. If you thought the Cooler Master Stacker series of PC cases were… Go To Full Article

ATI/Nvidia Says "No Support" to Laptop Owners for Vista

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Microsoft Windows Vista has been out now for more than 6 months. At first ATI was praised for supporting Vista and Nvidia was criticized for not supporting their products. Quietly however ATI and Nvidia has not been providing drivers for… Go To Full Article

Nexus NHP-2200 Northbridge Cooler Review

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What can you say about a passive NB cooling solution that performs this well other than “Good Show”! Not only is the NHP-2200 an attractive addition to any motherboard, the testing results also show that it is no slouch in… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Triton ATX Case Review

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This case provides some great tool-less features, and looks reasonably good too. However, this case is obviously a budget case with a few extras that you wouldn’t ordinarily find. The only part where this case stands out is the price;… Go To Full Article

Next version of Windows: Call it 7

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The company discussed Windows 7 on Thursday at a conference for its field sales force in Orlando, Fla., according to sources close to the company. While the company provided few details, Windows 7, the next client… Go To Full Article

Explore the limitation of P35, DFI launches LANParty UT P35 series

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The developing speed of PC industry is incredible fast in these years. It just likes: CPU transformation, which is transit from dual core to quad core, the…

FBI ducks questions about its remotely installed spyware

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There are plenty of unanswered questions about the FBI spyware that, as we reported earlier this week, can be delivered over the Internet and implanted in a suspect's computer remotely. Many of the questions hearken back to… Go To Full Article

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