Sapphire HD4870 available for as low as €219

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The HD4870 launch is very nearby, online retailers have listed them with amazing prices. The cheapest one at €219 Incredible if you take into account that the cheapest 9800GTX available is at €199, the…

First AMD HD4870 Review Out: Beats GTX 260

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In the ATI Radeon HD 3800 series issued more than seven months, the rival NVIDIA sale a large number of products, the GeForce 8800GT graphics card has been made within four months of the 2 million sales and the pride… Go To Full Article

Kingston launches new XMP 2GB DDR3 kit

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As part of the XMP certified lineup, these kits will work at their best when paired up with Intel's X38/X48 series chipsets. According to Kingston's press release they hope that Intel will include the XMP on its P45 chipsets as… Go To Full Article

OCZ drops DDR3 prices

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While surfing around the retail/e-tail sites we stumbled on some interesting prices. OCZ has apparently dropped its DDR3 prices making the competition almost twice as expensive. For example, you can get a 4GB DDR3 2000MHz for as… Go To Full Article

Will you buy, Would you buy: 3DMark Vantage

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3DMark Vantage can be run once for free, then requires you the buy the software. Do you agree with this policy? Did you buy the benchmark or consider it? More info: Go To Full Article

Trojan horse takes pictures of Mac users

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And you thought you were safe from malware when you switched to a Mac. You may change your mind soon, especially now that Mac's recent market share gains appear to contribute to the growing interest of malware authors in Macs.… Go To Full Article

Japan Imposes "Fine On Fat"

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A recently-introduced law in Japan requires all businesses to have mandatory obesity checks (video link) for all their employees and employees' family members over the age of 40, CNN reports. If the employee or family member is deemed obese, and… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA's First 55nm GPU: GeForce 9800 GTX+ Preview

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Shortly after the GT200 launched, AMD "responded" with its Radeon HD 4850, a cheap card by comparison, but a far more interesting one from a practical performance standpoint. Priced at $199 and selling for as little as $170, the Radeon… Go To Full Article

Tiny capacitors may overcome physical limits of hard drives

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One of the cool things about hard drive technology is how it has actually kept pace with computer needs. The basic mechanism for hard drive storage, however, does have some fundamental limitations, which manufacturers will have to deal with fairly… Go To Full Article

A Bra That Harnesses Boob Power

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Read at HARDOCP: There are times when funny news items literally write themselves. This happens to be one of those times. How about a bra that generates power thanks to the motion breasts make when women move / exercise. If… Go To Full Article

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