Thermalright HR-11 VGA Cooler

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Thermalright announced their new cooler dubbed the HR-11 VGA Backside Cooler. The HR-11 has dual heat pipes and a large surface area to offer additional cooling, with minimal effort required for installation. The HR-11 will even work in a SLI… Go To Full Article

[M] Galaxy 8600GE Overclocking Experience [OCTB]

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A while ago yours truly had the opportunity to review Galaxy's improved 8600 GT video card. It featured a new design and an extra power connector for higher overclocking. Today we push this card to limit at one of Belgian's… Go To Full Article

Intel Gains, AMD Drops in Top Supercomputers

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The list, published twice a year by academic researchers, once again was topped by an IBM Corp. supercomputer in the Lawrence Livermore national nuclear lab. The BlueGene/L system, as it is known, was recently upgraded and showed the ability to… Go To Full Article

Intel X48 - Much Ado about Nothing....

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For now, it appears the hype surrounding the X48 chipset was overblown. While it is an improvement in certain cases, we have not seen it clearly outperforming the X38 yet. Maybe some additional octane from the upcoming QX9770 will provide… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 3870 vs NVIDIA 8800 GT Review

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Today we get our first look at the new AMD/ATI Radeon HD 3870 designed to take on the recently released GeForce 8800 GT from Nvidia. While the Radeon HD 3870 looks overwhelming on paper when compared to the GeForce 8800… Go To Full Article

Tomorrow is a Radeon 3850 / 3870 day

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Radeon 3870, or RV670XT, and Radeon 3850 aka RV670PRO, will be launched tomorrow. We can tell you that Revival and Gladiator cards will be out and that you will see the cards with two DVI's, DVI and native HDMI, and… Go To Full Article

Eeextremely Eeenticing: a review of the Asus Eee PC

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Although the default software offered by the system is relatively decent and should meet the basic needs of most mainstream users, the real potential of the Eee PC will only be unlocked by experienced Linux enthusiasts and users who are… Go To Full Article

XFX to launch 8800GT 256MB at €149

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XFX has informed us that it plans to introduce a Geforce 8800GT 256MB card and it will be available in standard and XXX edition and this card should cost €149 excluding VAT. With taxes added on it should cost less… Go To Full Article

New ATI Radeon Video Cards May Be Factory Overclocked

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Some Radeon 3850 will work at over 700MHz. The default clock speed is 670MHz, but for the first time in history ATI decided to let its partners go wild with the clocks, with some limitations in mind. At least some… Go To Full Article

ZoneAlarm's Anti-Spyware Is Free Today

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The security experts behind ZoneAlarm urge you to always patch your operating systems and browsers whenever an update is available. More importantly, take extra precautions to protect your PC for those times when a patch may not be available. That's… Go To Full Article

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