Nexus NX-8060 600-watt True Power Modular PSU

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The topic of today's discussion will be the NX8060, a 600W modular power supply that makes claims of being both stingy with your electricity (efficient) and also being very silent. With this company's background, we may be in for some… Go To Full Article

NZXT Duet Case

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The Duet is a computer case manufactured by NZXT that has been designed to be used in a home entertainment computer build. This case is very small in comparison to a gaming case and as such, is designed to pack… Go To Full Article

HD Guard Pro

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Whether you share your computer at home with multiple users or own a business, you’ve probably spent more than your fair share of time and money fighting problems caused by viruses, spyware, unauthorized downloads and bad software installations. Wouldn’t it… Go To Full Article

Aquacomputer Aquagratix R600 Watercooling

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The R600 diagram maps saw to 14.05.2007 the light of the public. At the same time the company presented more aquacomputer its wasserkuehler cut to the map named aquagratix. As in our test the hp evidently, the AMD diagram map… Go To Full Article

OCZ Trifecta - Memory Card Reader

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Every now again a product comes along that makes you sit up and take notice. It may be the newest video card or a screaming fast CPU. But once is a very long while it is a product that is… Go To Full Article

Asus P5K3 Deluxe WiFi AP with DDR3

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Asus P5K3 Delxue WiFi AP is the DDR3 version of the P5K Deluxe with an updated heatpipe array and support for DDR3 1333MHz FSB. Is the new memory technology worth investing in? We take an in depth look at DDR3… Go To Full Article

Antec P182 case

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Antec, the makers of several user-centric cases, making the best use of space and always using tool-free designs. Today I have their current flag-ship model; the P182, which features noise-deadening panels and the first case I’ve seen with an optional… Go To Full Article

120mm Fans Roundup Part 2

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In our second roundup of 120mm fans, we've tested several frequently requested models, including fans from Yate Loon, Global Win, SilenX and others often highly recommended by SPCR forum regulars. Despite the careful selection, we can only recommended one fan… Go To Full Article

GeForce 8800GTS 320 MB Round Up

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The GeForce 8800GTS 320 MB is also in a great position when considering there is no immediate threat to it from AMD. Although the Radeon HD X2900 XT is out, the card is targeted to compete with the GeForce 8800GTS… Go To Full Article

Ex-Epox employee spills the beans

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Some five and a half years ago I moved from a scientific role in a polymer company to take on the challenges associated with working for a hardware manufacturer. I was a PC enthusiast with a great deal of excitement… Go To Full Article

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