Hiper M300 300W Media Center PSU Review

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I'm looking at the strange and unusual once more today in the Hiper M300, a tiny little 300 watt power supply intended to be used in Hiper's Media Center cases. This unit promises plentiful power at better than 80% efficiency,… Go To Full Article

HIS HD 4850 IceQ4 1 GB

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We have come a long way from the major change of high end graphics RAM size that took place near the end of the Nvidia 7 and ATI X1900 series like spans. This change is happening again, only this time… Go To Full Article

Nexus RX-8500 850W PSU review

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Today they’ve been given the Nexus RX-8500 850W PSU to take a look at. This 850 Watt power supply boasts to be a lot of things. Is it? Read the review and you’ll find out… Go To Full Article

Hiper Slim Aluminum USB/PS2 Keyboard Review

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This HIPER offering is a very good keyboard for general internet surfing, email and occasional document creation. If a larger, classier version of a laptop style keyboard appeals to you, then this could be a welcome addition to your home… Go To Full Article

Intel Responds to Fragmentation with New X25-M Firmware

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The 8820 firmware has completely renewed my faith in the X25-M. The weak link has been eradicated, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the renewed performance it will bring to all M series drive users. I am also thoroughly pleased with… Go To Full Article

Intel firmware addresses X25-M, X18-M SSD slowdowns

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This update implements several continuous improvements and optimizations to the drive algorithms including a resolution for a performance issue first reported by the PC Perspective review website. Keep in mind that the risk of a typical PC user experiencing this… Go To Full Article

Businesses to hold off upgrading to Windows 7 until after 2010

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Even in its beta form, Windows 7 seems to be generating considerably more positive feedback than Windows Vista. However, a survey quoted by InformationWeek suggests the hype machine hasn't done much to woo enterprise users. Diamond Research… Go To Full Article

The Poor Man's Notebook Project

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The company I work for sells a forensic computer system that is built inside a full size pelican case. That gave me the idea for the first case computer I built which I called the Poor Mans Netbook even though… Go To Full Article

[M] HDD Upgrade Time: Acard ANS-9010 vs Gigabyte I-RAM vs SSD

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As an alternative to the slow platter-based hard drives there already a few ram disk-based solutions on the market. Acard recently designed their ram disk product, which allows users to use DDR2 memory as storage method. Today, we have a… Go To Full Article

Install Vista/7/XP/2003 from USB with WinSetupFromUSB

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What it can be used for adding to your USB stick/disk: multiple Windows XP/2kX sources in the same partition (up to 10). They have to be in the first partition of the disk! Existing folders ~BT and ~LS and… Go To Full Article

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