1TB Hard Disk Drives Roundup

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Now I will proceed to the subject of this review, to hard disk drives with a capacity of 1 terabyte. It is the highest storage capacity available today. I don’t try to present them as anything new to you. They… Go To Full Article

Acer to sell off memory module subsidiary Apacer

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Acer has decided to sell off all of its 34.4% holding in memory module subsidiary Apacer Technology, with Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC), A-Data Technology, and Apacer's current management team set to take up the released shares, according to industry sources. Go To Full Article

[M] OCZ Rally2 32Gb USB Stick Review

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We are testing the largest USB drive in such a compact form today. Packing 32Gb this OCZ Rally2 promises high performance and high capacity. It comes in classy black with fancy activity LED and carrying strap. Go To Full Article

Kingston Technology 1800MHz HyperX DDR3 Memory Wins Intel XMP Certification

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Kingston Technology 1800MHz HyperX DDR3 Memory Wins Intel XMP Certification Extreme Memory Profile-Approved 1800MHz DDR3 Modules Offer System Builders Greater Choices to Increase Performance of Intel® Core™2 Extreme-based PCs Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the… Go To Full Article

ATI HD4850X2 Coming

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We got confirmation that two RV770PRO based R700 will end up branded as Radeon HD 4850 X2. The partners can do their own designs and this will mean that there will be at least two variations of the upcoming R700… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce 9800GTX+ launched at €149

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Nvidia's partners are getting stock of Geforce 9800 GTX+ cards as we speak and it looks that the card is ready for July 15th launch.The card will officially launch at $229 suggested etail price in USA and it looks that… Go To Full Article

DirectX 11 to get announced this month

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Microsoft will start talking about DirectX 11 in less than two weeks. Sources have confirmed that Microsoft game technology conference, previously known as Meltdown and now renamed to Gamefest 2008 will be the place where Microsoft plans to officially announces… Go To Full Article

Linux for housewives. XP for geeks

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The computer proletariat is rising up - and computing will never be the same. Tiny, sub-$500 “netbooks” like the Asus Eee are the hottest thing going in notebooks today. And some surprising things are happening. Like housewives on Linux.… Go To Full Article

Colbert Bump - Firefox 3 Proves its Existence

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Many of us at Mozilla and within the Mozilla community were excited when Stephen Colbert gave Firefox 3 his “Colbert Bump” on the day of Firefox 3’s launch . Download Day was a wild success, and we were happy to… Go To Full Article

Samsung puts 128 GB SSDs into mass-production

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Samsung today said that it has begun mass producing 1.8” and 2.5” multi-level cell (MLC)-based solid state drives (SSD) with 64 and 128 GB storage capacity. Samsung also promises “more attractive” pricing, which indicates that SSD technology will become more… Go To Full Article

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