ECS AMD690GM-M2 V1.0A Motherboard

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The ECS board is in many respects similar to the ASUS board I reviewed at the AMD launch of the 690G chipset. The motherboard comes with the most bare of essentials in terms of bundle, as the board comes with… Go To Full Article

Jetart HCA06 HDD cooler

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With CPU’s under peltiers and graphics cards connected to your mains water supply, hard discs are left to sweat in the corner of your case. Heat and HDD’s don’t mix; you end up with a shorter life span which means… Go To Full Article

Microsoft is the world's biggest cause of zombie remailers

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Microsoft is the biggest cause of zombie remailers in the world, because they make noises, but do not do anything to address the real digital inequities in the world. Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC-B20B Case

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Straight out of Lian Li's Classical Silent Middle Tower case series, the PC-B20 is one of the company's more recently redesigned enclosures. Featuring a classic look and time tested layout, the PC-B20 is aimed straight at the heart of system… Go To Full Article

OCZ 2GB Vista Upgrade Edition DDR2-800

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Today, we’ll be taking a look at OCZ’s 2x1GB Vista Upgrade Kit. This kit is designed for those users that are migrating from Windows XP to Windows Vista with limited RAM, 1GB for example. OCZ even goes as far as… Go To Full Article

Asetek launches GPU liquid coolers

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Targeted mainly at the OEM crowd, this is designed separately for Nvidia G80 and AMD R600 series of graphics cards, because it combines GPU and graphics board cooling. Go To Full Article

CryEngine (Crysis) vs Real Life Shots

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A compilation of comparison shots of the CryEngine vs Real Life shots, which one is which?

ASUS EAX1950 Pro Video Card

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All the important DirectX 9 and ATI specific features are still intact in the X1950 Pro. There is full DirectX 9 shader model 2.0 and 3.0 support with the capability to run antialiasing with HDR, native 10-bit color processing and… Go To Full Article

If You're Going To Steal Software, Steal From Us: Microsoft Exec

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Microsoft business group president Jeff Raikes estimates that between 20% and 25% of all software used in the United States is pirated, but said some pirates end up becoming paying customers. Go To Full Article

AMD "RV610" and "RV630" Details Unveiled

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AMD’s next-generation value and mainstream products are set to bring DirectX 10 and high-definition video playback to the masses. Although AMD is late to the DirectX 10 game, the upcoming RV610 and RV630 feature second-generation unified shaders with shader model… Go To Full Article

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