Which CPU to buy for Christmas gaming?

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For years, one of my own personal holiday traditions has been to take advantage of the cold weather, lack of daylight, and time off by holing up somewhere and playing a computer game. Now that I have a whole new… Go To Full Article

Intel Joins the Overclockers – Bad Axe 2 Motherboard

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"Today Intel joins overclockers by giving them the option of overclocking on their very own desktop boards and who would have ever thought such a thing? This is definitely a first for the big CPU giant who tried to prevent… Go To Full Article

Shuttle XPC P2 3700G - most powerful XPC SFF PC to date?

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The latest in a burgeoning line is the P2 3700G, which takes in the SD37P2 Intel i975X-based chassis and adds in some other tasty kit. Our sample was kitted out with an Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 CPU, 4GB RAM… Go To Full Article

NZXT Adamas Premium Aluminum Chassis

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"One attractive design feature of the Adamas is the beveled fins on the top, bottom and front of the case. This is mostly cosmetic, as the 3mm thick outer panels do not require the extra rigidity, and the… Go To Full Article

The PS3 firmware hits version 1.11, guess what problem they've fixed?

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There's nothing like a new update for a system; you never know what you're going to get! When I downloaded the version 1.11 update from Sony this morning, I was excited. Would they fix the issue with HD scaling? Or… Go To Full Article

Case made from Garbage Can

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Over the time I saw all kind of computer cases, but in the last years some people decided to make their own custom cases.Today I have something very creative Go To Full Article

Sony sends sound through your skin

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Consumers who want to use their bodies as a transmission medium for sound have been sadly limited in their options. Using Hasbro Toothtunes, kids can feel The Cheetah Girls' "Shake a Tail Feather" vibrating through their tiny jawbones, but now… Go To Full Article

Best Sitting Posture Is Not Straight Up

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Researchers at Woodend Hospital in Aberdeen, Scotland used a new form of magnetic resonance imaging to collect images from 22 healthy volunteers, who assumed three different sitting positions: slouching posture in which the body is hunched forward, an upright 90-degree… Go To Full Article

New camera sees through clothing

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RICH PERVERTS REJOICE, for there's new technology in town under development which may well be able to see right under clothing. Of course, it's designed for security purposes, but one can't help but ponder on privacy problems the technology could… Go To Full Article

Quad core Altair FX needs an F1207+ board to really fly

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AMD'S REAL quad-core chippery, codenamed as Altair FX, needs a new F1207+ package and board to work in full glow. It will work in the existing F1207 boards such as Asus one that is set to launch… Go To Full Article

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