Google Pack gets free Star Office

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GOOGLE HAS included Sun's Star Office amongst its free recommended software packages. Star Office 8, which is flogged by Sun for $70, is available for free in Google Pack. Go To Full Article

What game developers are thinking: DX10.1 is 'trivial'

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Basically, if the API is not changing a lot, providing optional support for 10.1 is trivial, just a few lines of code in how you initialise the DX objects. The larger issues of whether to go with DX10 or not… Go To Full Article

AMD prepares 6400+ Processor at $240

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AMD has revealed that there will be one more Athlon X2, to fill the gap before the faster Phenom X4 doesn’t hit the market. The CPU’s name will be 6400+ and it will work at 3200 MHz. This will be… Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD 2600XT drops to $108

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Who could imagine that Radeon HD 2600XT with 256 MB memory and clocked at 800 MHz core, with 120 stream processor units and 1400 MHz memory drop below $110 so fast. Go To Full Article

Samsung SDI’s Fuel Cell lets laptop run for a month

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Samsung SDI is showcasing its portable power supply ‘Fuel Cell’ at the company’s showroom ‘Sdium’, which enables you to use your notebook pc up to for a month. Go To Full Article

Toshiba battery woes continue: another recall

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Toshiba has issued its second battery recall in less than a month. This particular announcement focuses on the Satellite A100, A105, and Tecra A7 models. The number of laptops affected is relatively small (Toshiba estimates the recall at 1,400 units),… Go To Full Article

Google, Microsoft and Apple building online storage havens: you win

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Google squashed any hopes that the company would keep on adding endless, free storage for its users when it formally rolled out paid storage upgrades that can be used across both Picasa Web Albums and Gmail (and coming soon, Google… Go To Full Article

7-Way 22" Monitors Roundup

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This roundup is all about 22inch LCD monitors that have hit the shops but recently. A couple of years ago this diagonal just didn’t exist although 23inch and larger monitors were already available and even enjoyed some popularity. So, we… Go To Full Article

[M] NVIDIA Mid Range 8600 GT vs 7600 GT Performance Comparison

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Only a few weeks ago we compared the new 8500 GT to the cheaper and older 7300 GT video card and found the new NVIDIA budget card to be average at best. This week we compare the mid range offering,… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE GT-U8000-RH digital TV Tuner Review

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This is a Hybrid tuner, which means that it can tune in both analogue and digital DVB-T TV programs. GIGABYTE also has a digital only version, the U7000, which is a physically smaller model. Both models are based on a… Go To Full Article

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