R600 sound card's identity exposed

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The real question is what is it? The short answer? Realtek. Go To Full Article

Asetek GPU-CPU water cooling kit tested

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We had the privilege to get one of the first LCLC coolers from Asetek. Low Cost Liquid Cooling is a new concept where you get a water pump in the base of your water block. The unit we tested today… Go To Full Article

Nvidia attacks INQUIRER piece in email blizzard

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We have been receiving some questions and concerns about an article recently posted on The Inquirer claiming that there is a bug in G84 and G86 preventing chips from downclocking into 2D Mode. This article is not correct at all.… Go To Full Article

Building An Affordable Gaming PC

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Believe it or not, it's possible to get great gaming performance from a system that doesn't necessarily break the bank. Our goal today is to talk about building the best possible system you can for around $1500 US at the… Go To Full Article

Intel Centrino Pro Announced

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Intel is expanding its Centrino branding today with the announcement of Centrino Pro. Centrino Pro will take its place beside the existing Centrino and Centrino Duo brands in Intel's mobile lineup. Go To Full Article

Pentium E2100-series Benchmarks Revealed

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Early benchmarks of Intel’s upcoming Pentium E2100-series reveal the value processor doesn’t fall too far behind the Core 2 Duo E4000-series, when comparing equal clock speeds. Intel is set to introduce its Pentium E2100-series processors in June with sub-$100 pricing.… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA to rebrand G80 as supercomputer chip

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With a new brand and a new line of memory-heavy, HPC-specific add-in boards, the company can focus strictly on the G80's HPC potential while simultaneously minimizing all of the graphics-specific hardware baggage that the device carries from its origins in… Go To Full Article

AMD Upgrades Dual-core Opteron Chip to 3GHz

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Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has begun shipping two 3GHz versions of its dual-core Opteron chip to server vendors, continuing a battle over multicore processing power with Intel Corp., the company said Wednesday. AMD plans to begin… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master GeminII

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In this review we are going to test a new CPU cooler with 6 heat pipes used in its design. This Cooler Master product claims to leadership among all air coolers available in the market these days. Let’s find out… Go To Full Article

OCZ Vindicator: Heatpipe Tower Cooling from OCZ

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OCZ has recently introduced another enthusiast cooler, which they call the OCZ Vindicator. Those familiar with current coolers will recognize a striking resemblance to the Scythe Ninja Go To Full Article

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