Winchip DDR3 1600 MHz 1 GB Kit Review

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DDR3 P35 boards and the new memory standard were a big topic at CeBIT and all major memory manufacturers showed DDR3 up and running at Computex. One of these companies is Winchip with their DDR3 1600 MHz CL8-8-8-15 memory. We… Go To Full Article

QNAP TS-201 2 Bay NAS Review

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The bottom line is that for $375, this product will easily improve your quality of life. It's simple to set up, brings convenience, peace of mind, and exceptional functionality all in a little bundle. When is the last time your… Go To Full Article

IC Diamond 7 Carat Thermal Compound Review

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The hardcore PC enthusiast is always looking for a way to drop temperatures a few degrees or get a substantial overclock. Sometimes this can be minor things such as dusting off one's PC regularly and others go the hardcore, watercooling… Go To Full Article

A Messy Transition: Practical Problems With 32bit Addressing In Windows

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Supreme Commander is extremely disappointing in how it handles running out of addressing space. Ideally we'd like for it not to crash, but realistically we'd settle for just an error message pointing out that it hit the 2GB barrier so… Go To Full Article

OCZ StealthXStream 600w Power Supply Review

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StealthXStream is a strong, reliable and cheap PSU, and all OCZ brand lovers will instantly fall in love with it. With a price of €75 +shipping, it is one of the cheapest quality PSUs we’ve seen up until now. We… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750w Review

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The DC output quality on the Real Power Pro 750w was excellent. Period. The Real Power Pro unit never even hit 1/2 of the ATX12v limitation on the 12v, 5v, or 3.3v rails no matter the load or AC input… Go To Full Article

75 year old grand mother gets world's fastest broadband connection: 40 Gbps

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A 75-year-old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been given a scorching 40 Gbps internet connection — the fastest residential connection anywhere in the world. Sigbritt Löthberg is the mother of Swedish internet guru Peter Löthberg, who is using… Go To Full Article

LCD, plasma TVs grew by 90 per cent in first quarter

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SALES OF LCD and plasma TVs grew by 90 per cent in the first calendar quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter, and by 41 per cent compared year on year. But while Samsung is… Go To Full Article

Intel Stock Core 2 Duo Radial Curved Bifurcated Fin Heatsink

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The Intel RCBFH design is engineered to be cheap to produce, easy to install, and thermally efficient. This is the stock Core 2 Duo heatsink, and it is generally speaking a well designed mass-produced cooler. The heatsink uses a suspended… Go To Full Article

Zalman ZM600-HP 600W Power Supply Unit Review

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So, what's the deal with the ZM600-HP? Zalman says it is ultra-quiet power supply complies with ATX12V Version 2.2, and supports the latest dual-core CPUs, as well as the latest dual graphic card systems (SLI) so it looks like the… Go To Full Article

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