Thermaltake Mozart IP Review

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Today, more and more consumers are adding PCs to their home theater systems. With the goal of using it to watch DVDs, listen to music and surf the Internet, these consumers want something that functions well and looks great. The… Go To Full Article

LEAKED: Vista SP1 analysed

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It's no secret that there's a leaked beta of Vista SP1 floating around, but no-one yet has really taken the time to analyse it in detail to find out what it really does. I made it my… Go To Full Article

Turn Your Old CRT Computer Moniter Into A Fish Tank

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Talk about a great screen saver! I've been wanting to do this build for a while now. Just about every time I see and old CRT computer monitor by the side of the road on trash day I think to… Go To Full Article

5-Way Intel P35 Chipset Motherboard Roundup

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Now that P35 has been given the all clear and is designed to run with the new 1333MHz FSB CPUs, P35 based boards are hitting the shelves. Today we have five on offer, each from a different company. Go To Full Article

Asus Blitz Formula and Blitz Extreme Motherboards Review

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Asus saw the need for an enthusiast-class motherboard based on the P35 chipset, but with a more flexible PCI Express configuration. And leveraging what they undoubtedly learned from designing the PW564-WS , engineered the Blitz Extreme and Blitz Formula motherboards,… Go To Full Article

Nexus 120mm Silent Case Fan Review

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When putting together or upgrading a system, smaller parts are often neglected - the heatsinks, coolers, fans, and various other accessories. However, a solid, impressive custom PC is the sum of its parts and more than just a fancy video… Go To Full Article

SilverStone CW02 HTPC Case Review

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I really like the SilverStone CW02 HTPC Case, right from the outside to the inside. Its looks fantastic, it's all aluminum, room to work on the inside, fits standard ATX motherboards and ATX PSUs. This allows the system builder a… Go To Full Article

XFX 8800 Ultra XXX Video Card Review

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The XFX 8800 Ultra XXX arrived Technic3D. The Graphic Card XFX NVIDIA 8800 Ultra XXX with 675 MHz Core, 1.150 MHz Memory and 1.667 MHz Shader better than others High-End Graphic Cards? Technic3D will see that, on Windows Vista, in… Go To Full Article

Lian-Li PC-A70 ATX Case Review

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Lian-Li has a good reputation in the case market, so I had high expectations for the PC-A70. For the most part, this case lived up to those. I was very impressed by the overall construction and quality that this case… Go To Full Article

Tagan Guardian-X 1000W PSU Review

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Here are some pictures we snapped of the power supply. First up is the new 8-pin PCI-Express connectors introduced on the new ATI cards of which there are two, in addition to two other 6-pin PCI-Express power connectors, ten molex… Go To Full Article

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