4 Water Cooling Radiators Compared

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In the watercooling, the radiator holds a very important place. There are various sizes, in materials which are generally copper or aluminium. In this article, we will be interested in these 2 types of materials in a circuit of watercooling,… Go To Full Article

Various sex positions as demonstrated by LEDs and resistors

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In case you ever wanted to see some light emitting diodes and resistors demonstrate various sex positions, here's a gallery. Don't worry, there's no nudity or anything gross, they are just integrated circuits for god's sake! (src: Go To Full Article

[M] Cooler Master CM Stacker 830 Evolution Review

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What has four wheels, high performance and comes with an insanely high attention to detail? The CM Stacker 830 Evolution is Coolermaster's latest high end enclosure which can fit up to nine 120mm fans, has 9 5.25 inch drive bays… Go To Full Article

Patriot perfects 1350MHz memory - in the lab

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The chaps said that they are running memory at more than the milestone 1333MHz. They can push it to 1350MHz but it will take a few more weeks before you see this available in the shops. Go To Full Article

2007 will be a good year for chips

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2007 IS GOING to be every bit as interesting a year as 2006 was, something I would not have believed if at this time last year. The desktop war in 2007 will be all about Barcelona.… Go To Full Article

Sony increases PS3 price

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ENTERTAINMENT GEAR gear maker Sony has decided that the reason that its PS3 is not selling as well in Canada as it likes is because the most expensive console on the market is too cheap Go To Full Article

Clever Power announces Solid & Crusader Series 650 to 1200 Watt Power Supplies

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Solid Series 650/750/850W Power Supplies Designed to meet the demands of power hungry gaming and server gurus, the Solid Series not only stabilizes your system, it arouses your passion to perform!!!! Full… Go To Full Article

Intel Demonstrates new 45nm Transistors and Conroe's Successor

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They often say that the bigger a company gets, the more difficult it is to make sweeping changes to fix problems. Analogous to quickly turning a small boat vs. a large tanker, no one would have ever expected Intel to… Go To Full Article

LG GBW-H10N Blu-ray Drive

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"The LG GBW-H10N looks pretty much like any other DVD writer apart from the Blu-ray Disc logo on the right side of the tray. The GBW-H10N will write BD-R discs at 4x, BD-RE media at 2x, DVD-R at… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake TMG A3 Silent CPU cooler

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“The base of the heatsink is well protected with a plastic cover, which we like to see, as any damage to the base of the heatsink would severely hamper its performance. The TMG A3 also comes with Thermal transfer compound… Go To Full Article

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