Gigabyte iSolo 210 Case Review

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Sleek and stylish, simple and affordable. These are words not often used together to describe a computer case, and many regard the case as just a metal box to hold the real goodies inside. Yet, when crafted right, the chassis… Go To Full Article

A.C. Ryan AluBoxTFX

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Not long ago I reviewed the A.C. Ryan eSATA external enclosure. One of my few gripes with it was that it was quite complicated to install/change hard drives in it, at least compared to many of its competitors. Little did… Go To Full Article

Unlock GPU clock limit your AMD Radeon HD3870

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This latest ATI baby has a clock-lock at 862MHz for the GPU, 85MHz faster than default frequency. The RV670 GPU has multiple power phases internally, and PowerPlay is activated all the time. When you overclock the GPU, the PLL VCO… Go To Full Article

Crysis Performance with SLI

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That said, we ran the second test again with SLI turned off. The game was rendered unplayable with an average FPS of 12.23. That's not a surprise, but it's important to note that whatever system check Crysis runs on your… Go To Full Article

[M] Sparkle Geforce 8800 GT 512Mb Video Card Review - High-End at Low-Price?

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One year ago NVIDIA released the Geforce 8 series and took the performance crown, today we test the latest additions to the family, the 8800 GT is priced lower than the 8800 GTS 320mb, yet sports higher clockspeeds and more… Go To Full Article

Dual cores drop under 50 euro in retail

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In recent days, Intel's 1.6GHz E2140 has dropped to €49, and while this is far from a powerful CPU by today's standards it will probably do more than well in office computers, cheap home machines and HTPCs. On the AMD… Go To Full Article

Software will never catch up quad cores

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A senior executive at AMD was honest enough and told Fudzilla that they believe that Quad cores will be overkill for most mainstream applications from now to eternity. They expect that a normal mainstream user won’t really need a quad… Go To Full Article

XFX launches 8800GT Alpha Dog edition

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XFX has announced yet another card in its 8800GT series, this time it's a representative of its Alpha Dog series. The card comes with 512MB of GDDR3 memory. The core clock has been raised to 625MHz, while temperature went down… Go To Full Article

Man uses Wii calendar to catch cheating wife

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To be sure of this, I went into the Wil Message Board and click on the Calendar option. Through this menu I was able to identify the many nights my wife's Mii and this 'other' Mii Character played Wii Bowling… Go To Full Article

Making malware unprofitable: economics key to slowing hackers down

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On Friday, Stevens University hosted a Security and Privacy Day, organized in conjunction with Columbia University and IBM Research. Two of the speakers—one each from Stevens and Columbia—spoke in detail about the issues facing those who are trying to defend… Go To Full Article

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