Microsoft: Pirated Windows 7 Will Still Get Updates

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Microsoft earlier this week clarified that all versions of Windows, both legitimate and illegitimate, receive security updates – and that policy will carry over to Windows 7. “There seems to be a myth that Microsoft limits security updates to… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 4770 512Mb (€89) beats 8800 GTS 640Mb (€300 once upon a time)

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_C2D E8400oc @ 4Ghz -4X1Go de DDR2 PC8500 "G.Skill" _CM P5K/EPU _DD WD 640Go _Samsung SyncMaster 245B Go To Full Article

Foxconn Quantum Force X58 Flaming Blade Motherboard

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Foxconn is going to try with their latest addition to their high-end board sector (known as Quantum Force) for enthusiasts and overclockers with this one being called the Flaming Blade. Unfortunately there is no pricing available from Newegg yet, as… Go To Full Article

MSI's 790FX-GD70 AM3 Motherboard, DDR 3 for Phenom II

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While AMD's new Phenom II chips support DDR2 and are compatible with existing AM2+ boards, their full potential is only realized when equipped with a few sticks of fast DDR3. Unfortunately, so far, the pool of available AM3 / DDR3… Go To Full Article

AMD, Intel others sued over CPU execution

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Chip firms Intel and AMD have found themselves in the company of seven other semiconductor giants and are being sued by a Georgia company for allegedly infringing a patent. The other defendants in the case, filed at… Go To Full Article

Apple Hires Two High-Ranking Ex-ATI Graphics Executives

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Apple has hired two high-ranking executives from ATI Technologies, now graphics products group of Advanced Micro Devices. According to some information, at least one of them will be involved in the development of next-generations of iPhone and considering positions of… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Official Confirms Windows XP Mode for Windows 7

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Windows XP Mode is specifically designed to help small businesses move to Windows 7. Windows XP Mode provides you with the flexibility to run many older productivity applications on a Windows 7 based PC. All you need to do is… Go To Full Article

Nvidia’s first 40nm to be for notebooks

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As you should already know by now, Nvidia and ATI are always transitioning with an entry level for a new manufacturing process. ATI did it with RV740 which doesn’t look like its cheapest entry level card and we believe that… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 4850 Offered As Low As $89.99

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We’ve found that something appealing for those who want a Radeon HD 4850 with least money. Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 is priced at $119.99 at newegg now (its original price is $139.99), and you can get $10… Go To Full Article

Intel SSD prices fall, 80GB X25-M now $325 shipped

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Confirming last week's reports, Intel has trimmed prices in its solid-state drive line—and the cuts are slightly deeper than expected. A quick look around Newegg shows that the 80GB X25-M now sells for $325 with free shipping—a… Go To Full Article

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