Supreme Commander Performance Tests

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CPU or GPU dependent, Supreme Commander is quite taxing on your whole system "Therefore, before purchasing this game or even considering a hardware upgrade, it will be important to know first if your computer will run it,… Go To Full Article

New Intel Chipsets from VIA Unveiled

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More options for the end users is always a good things, VIA's offering for the latest Core 2 CPU might turn out to be a very viable option: "VIA’s latest chipset roadmap unveils two new chipsets for… Go To Full Article

SpeedFan 4.32 beta 17 released - Intel Core Temp Added

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Speedfan is a popular hardware and fan speed monitoring tool, it even offers you the possibility to check the S.M.A.R.T. status of your HDD and compare your results online in a growing database. "This beta adds full… Go To Full Article

Intel Bearlake Motherboard spotted with DDR3 Support

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ChileHardware spotted an upcoming Intel Bearlake based motherboard with DDR3 support, lower voltages and higher memory speed around the corner? DailyTech has the details: Go To Full Article

92mm Fan Roundup

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SilentPCReview tackles the 92mm sized fans to find the best noise/performance sample, their test methodology is in depth and gives you pretty good info on how each fan performs at different voltages: "Our latest fan round-up covers… Go To Full Article

4 different versions of ATI R600

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Want Crossfire action with high end? Get ready for ~600W power draw ONLY for VGA! "The second card is Dragonshead 2 with the same clock as the R600XTX 12.4 inch card. The only difference is that this… Go To Full Article

Intel Bearlake Motherboard Spotted with DDR3 Support

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ChileHardware snapped a shot of a yet unreleased Intel motherboard based on the Bearlake chipset which sports DDR3 memory banks. Go To Full Article

XFX introduces the new GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB product range

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Ontario, Calif., February 8, 2007 – In an industry populated by a wide variety of performance- and experience-enhancing graphics cards, it can be hard to stand out. Unless, of course, you are XFX. And you are unveiling your latest masterpiece:… Go To Full Article

Super Talent Launches 800MHz RDIMMs

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World’s First DDR2-800 Modules to Pass Tyan Qualification San Jose, California – February 12, 2007 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of DRAM memory modules and flash products, today launched a 1GigaByte 800MHz ECC Registered… Go To Full Article

FSP Announces Epsilon High Wattage PSU Series and BoosterX 5

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At this year FSP will be releasing new high power supply units, the Epsilon series is available at 800/900/1010W while the BoosterX 5 is a dedicated VGA power supply rated up to 450W. … Go To Full Article

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