XFX NVIDIA 8800 GTX XXX Graphics Card

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"Today we will just look at the performance improvements and compare the 8800 GTX XXX performance to the performance of the stock 8800 GTX. The only place that the 8800 GTX XXX differs from the stock 8800 GTX is in… Go To Full Article

Dell 22" Shows Up in Canada

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During mid-December, a new Dell 22” LCD with model number E228WFP mysteriously showed up in Japan. The display has a 1680x1050 resolution, HDCP support and a 5ms grey-to-grey response time. The price when first spotted was an equivalent of around… Go To Full Article

PS3 owners try to upgrade to a Wii

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According to Gigagamez, the trend was pointed out to its hacks by Tony Conrad, CEO and Founder of Sphere and had to be seen before it was believed. Its hacks checked out and looked at the… Go To Full Article

More details emerge on AMD RD790 front

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ATI’s integrated chipset with DX10 support comes in 2007 and we learned a few key features. It will support 52 PCIe lanes. This is enough to have three PCIe 16X slots and a single 4X slot. Don’t know whether you… Go To Full Article

Nvidia G84 shapes up - Samples in February 2007

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THE G84 IS Nvidia's DirectX 10 entry-level card. This is set to replace Geforce 7300 from the market. Nvidia is really having problems making a real impact on the entry-level market but maybe will have better luck with this introduction.… Go To Full Article

Taiwan quake breaks internet connections

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Taiwan itself was hard hit, the report said, and affected 98 per cent of the country's comms with Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Go To Full Article

SilverStone Temjin TJ09

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"The SilverStone Temjin TJ09 is a beautiful chassis that offers a unique cooling design and can accommodate Extended ATX SSI motherboards. Simply put, the SilverStone Temjin TJ09 is the best ATX/EATX case we have seen in 2006… Go To Full Article

Antec Nine Hundred Chassis

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Hear that? That’s the collective relief of Antec. The Nine-Hundred (900) series has finally arrived. What’s that, I hear you say? It’s been out months? Sure it has and no, we’re not going mad. This, folks, much like washing powder,… Go To Full Article

asetek Waterchill Xternal Kit

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I was a watercooling neophyte and somewhat fearful, so I started out by reading how-to’s and tutorials on watercooling and then reviews on watercooling related products such as waterblocks or watercooling kits. After I got a feel for the basics… Go To Full Article

Hard Drive Cooling: Is it Worth it?

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With all those crazy high-speed CPUs and GPUs out there, one area of cooling tends to be taken for granted or forgotten: Hard Drives. Is it worth going around and installing fans and coolers onto them to drop those few… Go To Full Article

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