Miniature CPU Coolers: Four Models Reviewed

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Looks like cooling solutions business is so profitable that they won’t stop developing new or pseudo-new coolers until someone introduces a revolutionary new approach that will change the way PC components are cooled. Now we are witnessing an endless flow… Go To Full Article

Expect 22.8% performance boost from next week's Firefox 3.6 beta

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Betanews tested the latest available development and stable builds of all five brands of Web browser, on all three modern Windows platforms -- XP SP3, Vista SP2, and Windows 7 RTM. Once again, we threw the kitchen sink at them:… Go To Full Article

Coding Wizzard releases GPU-Z v0.3.6 adding HD 5900 Support

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* Added Infotips, they can be turned off in the system menu * Added preliminary support for ATI Radeon HD 5900 (Hemlock), HD 5600 (Cedar), HD 5300 (Redwood) * Added full support for HD 5850, HD 5770,… Go To Full Article

Atom graphics is called GMA 3150

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Intel is using a two+ years old, lame graphics core for its new Atom parts. The new Atom chipset is stepping up from ultra weak and old G945GC to a “better” G31 generation one. The graphics inside… Go To Full Article

SanDisk's 43nm X4 NAND flash chips give 25% capacity increase "for free"

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From the looks of it, 2010 is looking very promising for storage devices that rely on NAND Flash devices [read: almost all of them] - after five years of development, SanDisk announced that the company begun production shipments of flash… Go To Full Article

Entry Level P55 Motherboards Burn-Out When Overclocked

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Because three of the failures occurred at or below 1.40V, we have no knowledge of what to recommend as a “maximum safe” voltage for overclocking these three motherboard models. In the future, we’ll allow motherboard manufacturers to specify any lower… Go To Full Article

Massman burns through LGA-1156 Socket, Anandtech Writes About It

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Normally we do not worry too much about mishaps during extreme overclocking testing as they are typically caused by factors outside of the supplier’s control. The overriding concern is that we have damaged every motherboard in our possession for the… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 275 Super Overclock 1792MB Video Card

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The other week we had a look at a GTX 260 from GIGABYTE which sat in the company's new Super Overclock series. One of our main concerns about the new series was that what might be a "Super Overclock" to… Go To Full Article

G.Skill Announces its ECO Memory: DDR3 at just 1.35V

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G.Skill Announces its ECO Memory: DDR3 at just 1.35V Taipei, Taiwanー15th October, 2009ーG.Skill International Co. Ltd., manufacturer of extreme performance memory and solid-state storage with solid quality, has today released its ECO low voltage, 1.35V…

OCZ Agility EX 60GB SLC SSD Review

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OCZ is showing strong commitment to be at the forefront of SSD technology. Over the past year the company has released nearly a dozen different series targeting every possible market, from affordable netbook oriented products to enterprise-grade solid state drives… Go To Full Article

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