Intel Gulftown Launch Planned for Second Quarter 2010

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I ntel's second 32nm high end CPU with 6 cores and 12 thread support based on Westmere 32nm technology is set to launch in a year from today. Intel plans to introduce its high end CPU codenamed Gulftown CPU in… Go To Full Article

Upcoming Intel Core i7 975 (3.33Ghz) Turbo Mode pushes CPU speed to 3.6Ghz

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With Intel's Turbo boost technology this CCP will be able to automatically overclock all the way to 3.6GHz. The big issue with automatic overclocking is that, according to Intel, the CPU only overclocks one of the cores to the desired… Go To Full Article

Single slot Geforce GTX 295 Pictured

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Having the honor of being the strongest 3D gaming graphics card, GeForce GTX295 features two 55nm GT200 chips, 1792MB (896*2) GDDR3 memory, 896-bit (448*2) memory interface, 289W TDP, 1.4 billion*2 transistors, 240*2 stream processors, 80*2 Texture Map Units, 28*2 ROPs,… Go To Full Article

Nvidia expects up to 30% of chips to be 40nm by end of 2009

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Nvidia has answered a rather interesting question about the forecasted 40nm market share by the end of this year. The 40nm process is ramping up quickly, Nvidia says and Jensen Huang expects that mix towards end of the year to… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Confirms Windows 7 Availability End Of 2009

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Microsoft Corp. on Monday officially confirmed its intention to release the highly-anticipated next-generation Windows 7 operating system this year. Earlier the company did not make strong promises regarding release date, but Acer Group recently said that it would start shipping… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 Retail Boxes Spotted

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Photoshop or real deal? You decide: Go To Full Article

Gigabyte launches passively cooled 9800 GT Based Video Card

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GIGABYTE Launches Latest Silent Cell Thermal Resolution with GV-N98TSL-1GI Graphics Accelerators GIGABYTE Technology Co. LTD., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today released GIGABYTE passive thermal resolution graphics accelerator GV-N98TSL-1GI. Adapting leading… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Fusion 550R PSU Review

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Unusually for a psu the Fusion 550R comes in a clear blown plastic type “box”, nothing wrong with that though, as it shows of the psu in all its glory with its “ECO80” sticker in full view. Also on the… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master HAF 922 Reviews

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Quote: Unfortunately, there are still some flaws with the HAF series of cases, and the most imperative is probably the lack of any dust… Go To Full Article

GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P AM3 790FX Motherboard Review

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Hot on the heals of our recent AMD platform showdown, it was decided that we take a closer look at some of the individual components that make up these systems. We’ve already gone over the Asus M3A78-T, which Go To Full Article

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