Intel to increase graphics performance by 10x

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Intel was talking a lot about its integrated graphics cores and by next year Intel will have moved to 65nm and this will allow them to add full HD video decoding, as well as support for DVI, HDMI and Display… Go To Full Article

Tomarni touts nearly-silent gaming desktops

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While nearly-silent operation likely isn't a top concern among those in the market for a gaming PC, those that do favor a little peace and quiet during their gaming downtime now have a new option to consider from upstart German… Go To Full Article

Intel to launch new Core 2 Extreme CPU

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Intel is planning to launch a new desktop processor for its upcoming Skulltrail motherboard, a high-end enthusiast and gaming platform, according to sources at motherboard makers. The quad-core Core 2 Extreme QX9775 has frequency of 3.2GHz, supports… Go To Full Article

Vista Runs Out of Memory While Copying Large Number of Files

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It appears that, incredibly, Vista can run out of memory while copying files. ZDNet is reporting that not only does it run out of memory after copying 16,400+ files, but that 'often there is little indication that file copy operations… Go To Full Article

Intel X48 Core-Logic Gets Ready for November Release at $70

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The world’s top maker of computer core-logic sets plans to start selling its highly-discussed Intel X48 chipset on the 4th of November, a little less than a month after mainboard makers along with system builders unveiled their desktops based on… Go To Full Article

Unreal Tournament 3 CPU & High End GPU Analysis: Next-Gen Gaming Explored

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It's been a long time coming, but we finally have Epic's first Unreal Engine 3 based game out on the PC. While the final version of Unreal Tournament 3 is still a little farther out, last week's beta release kept… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Chill Out Upgrade Program Announced

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With the CoolIT Chill Out Upgrade Program you can receive up to 30% off of any products on CoolIT by trading in your old cooling system. It's a quick, and easy way to upgrade your current cooling system to… Go To Full Article

Kingston Shows Off High-Performance Memory

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Many PC enthusiasts are already familiar with Kingston, primarially as a source of name-brand "value" memory that doesn't suck. Their ValueRAM is only one of their product lines, and Kingston is bringing new RAM and Flash products to the table… Go To Full Article

AG Neovo E-W22 22in LCD Monitor

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There's nothing inherently terrible about the E-W22, but it's merely decent at a price that would suggest otherwise. Thus, unless you're sold on the looks alone and have the money to spare, you're far better off with… Go To Full Article

OCZ DDR3 1600-C7 Platinum PC3-12800 (2*1Gb)

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The kit 1600-C7 of OCZ is shown radically different from the kit Corsair tested there is little in these pages. Of very traditional appearance, it is almost one copy-to stick Gold/Platinum series in DDR2, only the 3 close to the… Go To Full Article

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