Intel churning out 100,000 45 nm processors every day

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It may be much more difficult for AMD to catch up with Intel than previously anticipated. Intel is plugging away at an astonishing rate, its engines appear to be working flawlessly at this time, at least from what we can… Go To Full Article

Dell and Samsung top LCD monitor market in Q4 07

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After losing the top worldwide market share position in desktop LCD monitors to Samsung in the third quarter of 2007, Dell bounced back with a sequential growth rate of 6.8%, putting the two brands in a statistical tie for the… Go To Full Article

Dropping 22TB of patches on 6,500 PCs in 4 hours: BitTorrent

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The peer-to-peer protocol allows PCs to download most of the updates from each other—the remaining servers are mostly needed to send out the first few copies and then coordinate the up- and downloading. One of the advantages of the BitTorrent… Go To Full Article

AMD Launches "Puma" Mobile Platform

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AMD today paper launched its Puma platform in a press event streamed live over the web. Puma is AMD’s third-generation mobile platform based on AMD’s Griffin processor and RS780M chipset. AMD first broke news of its Puma… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA MCP7A Chipset Details Revealed

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With the next generation processors from Intel drawing near, chipset manufacturers have been hard at work designing products around Intel's CPU architecture. NVIDIA's upcoming MCP7A motherboard Intel chipset is expected to launch this coming April along with… Go To Full Article

IE 5.5 Beats IE6 and IE7 On Acid 3

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Steven Noonan sends us to a page where he is collecting and updating results for various browsers on the newly released Acid 3 test. No browser yet scores 100 on this test. (We discussed Acid 3 when it came out.)… Go To Full Article

The Battle For Wikipedia's Soul

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It can either strive to encompass every aspect of human knowledge, no matter how trivial; or it can adopt a more stringent editorial policy and ban articles on trivial subjects, in the hope that this will enhance its reputation as… Go To Full Article

T-Ray Camera Sees Through Clothes, Preserves Privacy

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Quite a few readers are sending in stories about ThruVision's products, slated to be demonstrated in Britain next week, that are claimed to use Terahertz radiation ("T-rays") to detect foreign objects under clothing, without revealing body details, from a distance… Go To Full Article

CrossFireX Arrives: First Look at 3 and 4 GPUs in 2 Card Setups

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Our experience with the new 8.3 drivers and CrossFireX were not seamless. AMD has been working very to try and reproduce the install issues we had with no success so far. Multiple other AnandTech editors had no installation problems, but… Go To Full Article

Albatron 8800GTS-512X Graphics Card Review

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Our today’s review is devoted to another modification of an Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB graphics card. This time we are going to introduce to you the solution from Albatron and will see how attractive it proves for a potential… Go To Full Article

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