MSI R6870 Video Card Review

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AMD's first video card in the new HD 6xxx series occupies a brand new position in their video card product hierarchy. The Cypress chip, as used on the Radeon HD 5830 with 334 square millimeters of silicon, was way too… Go To Full Article

Nvidia has 28nm sample chips

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We have very limited information, but we have just heard a quite spectacular piece of news - Nvidia already has 28nm samples of its new core. It looks like the core is entry level, but it’s not… Go To Full Article

AMD Cayman HD 6970 has 2GB RAM

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Cayman has 2GB of GDDR5 memory and the controller of choice is 256-bit. While in terms of RAM quantity the card beats Nvidia's GTX 580 which has 1.5GB, we can definitely say anything over 1GB is overkill for most users,… Go To Full Article

Five Years Of Linux Kernel Benchmarks: 2.6.12 Through 2.6.37

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While we have conducted studies related to the Linux kernel performance in the past such as benchmarking up to twelve kernel releases, going out the door this morning are the results from the largest-ever Linux kernel comparison conducted at Phoronix,… Go To Full Article

Apple Won't Give Mac Users Free Virus Protection, So Sophos Decides To

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Sophos is offering Mac users a great deal. As Apple has thus far refused to protect its users with free antivirus software, Sophos is stepping up to the plate, launching Sophos Anti-Virus Home Edition for Macs which will protect Mac… Go To Full Article

Asus mobo with UEFI sneak peek

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For all the strides PCs make toward greater speed and sophistication, hitting that delete key after startup always feels like stepping back in time. The age-old and seemingly timeless BIOS lives on, having been retired in only a minority of… Go To Full Article

The Perfect Motherboards For Your Hackintosh

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After scouring around countless forums, the most popular boards people are using to setup their systems are boards made by Gigabyte. Digging deeper, the reason is clear: almost complete driver compatibility with Apple's OS X Snow Leopard (save for SATA… Go To Full Article

Spire Announces Epoxi ATX Mid-Tower Case

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Spire Corp today officially introduced their new high-end chassis. The Epoxi is a top of the line, sturdy and versatile PC Gamer case. Crafted from heavy-duty perforated steel panels guaranteed maximum performance and computing satisfaction. Every element of the case… Go To Full Article

Radeon HD6870 with LN2: A minor fiasco

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The card I tested was one of AMD's reference cards, which means it is one of the first cards to leave the factory. The card did well in the first runs and made a good impression. With only stock voltage… Go To Full Article

Antec High Current Gamer PSU line gets listed in Europe

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Already available in Canadian stores, Antec's High Current Gamer family of power supplies, which includes 400W, 520W, 620W, 750W and 900W units, can be found in Europe up for pre-order at about €58, €68, €84, €114 and €129, respectively.… Go To Full Article

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