Microsoft fixes SLI and CrossFire in Vista

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As it turned out, Nvidia/ATi were not the only guilty parties in the whole case, but Windows Vista was implicated, too. Microsoft just posted an update for both 32- and 64-bit versions, fixing issues where operating system would not pass… Go To Full Article

World of Warcraft SouthPark Episode up for an Emmy

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THE EPISODE of South Park featuring World of Warcraft is up for an Emmy this year, as the Hollywood awards season approaches. Titled Make Love, Not Warcraft the episode was applauded by the gaming community for its realism in depicting… Go To Full Article

AMD K10 Barcelona pictured, not too exciting

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Let me know if you can spot the major difference from the outside compared to current AM2 processors Go To Full Article

Ubisoft announces Far Cry 2

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Ubisoft has announced a development of Far Cry 2, which should be launched in the spring 2008 for PC. After the original FarCry, Crytek signed the deal with EA to create a new game, the one you now know as… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 7.7 drivers released

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ATI has added 12x and 24x AA for the Radeon HD 2900 XT and the Radeon HD 2600 cards. Apparently the new AA modes should bring enhanced AA quality to the new cards. AMD has also improved the performance in… Go To Full Article

3 to 4 % of Barcelona can go over 2.6 GHz

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We learned that three to four percent of K10 Barcelona processors can actually hit speeds higher than 2.5 or 2.6 GHz. This is finally good news as AMD doesn’t need much more of these super fast CPUs to beat Intel… Go To Full Article

K10 at the corner of a wafer doomed to 2 GHz

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Some K10, Barcelonas can go over 2.6 and all the way to 2.8 or even 3.0 GHz but most of them at least the ones that are going to come as corner chips on the wafer and not going to… Go To Full Article

Ubiquitous Multi-Gigabit Wireless Within Three Years

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Georgia Tech researchers unveiled plans to use ultra-high frequency radio transmissions to achieve very high data transmission rates over short distances. In a few years, the article says, we'll have ubiquitous multi-gigabit wireless connectivity, with some significant advances already under… Go To Full Article

Hotmail Delivers Far Fewer Emails with Attachments

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It has long been suspected that there is a silent policy that makes Hotmail automatically delete the majority of attachments to save on bandwidth and internal disk space. Therefore it really doesn't matter if every client has access to 2GB… Go To Full Article

AMD Reports a net loss of $600 million USD for Q2/2007

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Today, it's AMD's turn with regards to financial performance for the quarter. AMD recorded revenue of $1.378 billion USD, an operating list of $457 million USD and a net loss of $600 million USD. This compares with revenue of $1.216… Go To Full Article

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