Lian-Li PC-C32 ATX Case Review

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Despite this being a desktop or HTPC case, the PC-C32 is quite large. This is because it supports a full-size ATX motherboard and standard ATX PSU - no being stuck with a microATX motherboard or weird PSU form factor. The… Go To Full Article

Ultra m998 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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The Ultra m998 Mid-Tower Chassis is what Ultra intended it to be for, a Ultimate Gaming Chassis, it doesn't have fancy LCD's or fan controllers because it's meant to be carted around for LAN's and gaming events, and because gamers… Go To Full Article

Foxconn A690GM2MA-RS2H AMD 690G Motherboard Review

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The Foxconn A690GM2MA-RS2H motherboard is based around AMD's 690G / SB600 chipsets, and although it has both DVI and analog video outputs, it regrettably lacks the HDMI jack that many other AMD690G motherboards boast. In any case if you wanted… Go To Full Article

Biostar TP35D2-A7 P35 Express Motherboard Review

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Biostar's TP35D2-A7 motherboard is built with Intel's P35 Express and ICH9 chipsets, so with a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processor it becomes the backbone for a good WindowsXP or Vista PC. If you're not interested in frills… Go To Full Article

Computer Build Guide Part 2 of 2, Assembling the Computer

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Once you’ve chosen and obtained all your computer components, the next obvious step is to put them together into a working computer. This part of the guide is focused on providing general guidelines for how to put the pieces of… Go To Full Article

Hiper Anubis Case Review

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Today, we’ll be taking a look at Hiper’s very first foray into the Mid-ATX chassis industry. Boasting solid 6063 T5 aluminum alloy construction throughout the enclosure, and more features than you can shake a stick at, Hiper is putting its… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster CM Sphere Heatsink Review

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These coolers are not for avant-garde overclocker's, nor were they designed with the overclocker in mind. I have read a few reviews on line where this product gets kicked in the proverbial nut sack for being crappy for overclocking, but… Go To Full Article

Tagan CS-EL Diablo BM Case

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Tagan has always proven their superiority to us and our users with their amazing power supply lineup. The quality and numbers pushed through them explain every dollar that they are worth! With the introduction of third party products for their… Go To Full Article

Antec Sonata Designer 500 Case

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The Antec Sonata Designer 500 Case is mostly steel, comes with a white paint finish and has a brushed aluminum front bezel. This front bezel is unique because it can be removed and replaced. There are five different color choices… Go To Full Article

Tuniq TX-2 High Performance Thermal Compound

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We received a request recently from Tuniq to evaluate their new TX-2 Thermal Compound. Tuniq has been packaging TX-1 with their heatsinks for quite some time but this is the first offering from them that is available by itself. Tuniq… Go To Full Article

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