GELID Launches Icy Vision "Fermi" & "HD5870" VGA Cooler

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Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions unveils its multi-compatible VGA Cooler "ICY VISION" of its GAMER product line. The "ICY VISION" cooler contains 5 power heatpipes in a unique heatpipe constellation. The heatpipes are interlaced into 85 optimized high-quality Aluminium fins.… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GV-N480D5-15I-B, Leadtek WinFast GTX 480 Graphics Cards

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Today we shall review a couple of GeForce GTX 480 graphics cards from Gigabyte and Leadtek. Actually these two cards copy the reference product, they just come with custom stickers, bundles and boxes. Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 5870 & 5970 with NVIDIA PhysX

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If you haven't heard already, the 257.15 Beta ForceWare driver set from NVIDIA accidently had the ability for ATI users to again use an NVIDIA card as a second to do PhysX. The whole ordeal created a bit of drama… Go To Full Article

nVidia GTX485: Less hot and noisy

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KitGuru has heard that nVidia’s been through the first iteration of the GTX480 with a fine tooth comb, to create a GTX485 product that can run at least 20MHz more on the core clock, with improved cooling and performance. It’s… Go To Full Article

Enermax Apollish 120mm and 80mm Fan Review

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The Enermax Apollish 120mm and 80mm Fan arrived Technic3D. The silent Fans with ~15 dB(A), LEDs and many more for your Case or CPU-Cooling can you see in the following Review on Technic3D. Go To Full Article

140mm fans presented in large round-up

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The trend in the fan- and also the watercooling sector is clearly pointing towards a fan size of 140mm. New and old manufacturers are trying to develop just the right fan for their customers. The renounced review site Dexgo has… Go To Full Article

NZXT Avatar

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With manufacturers like Logitech and Razer leading the market in gaming peripherals, the name “NZXT” would rarely, if ever, come to mind when thinking of purchasing a new gaming mouse. If you turn the focus to computer cases however, NZXT… Go To Full Article

nVidia xmas sale starts early on GTX 470/480

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KitGuru spends far too much time trolling bars and eavesdropping on conversations. We admit it. We need help. However, in the meantime, when we frequent the ale houses of Theale, it’s always possible to hear something juicy. Especially about price… Go To Full Article

Mesh Elite GTX 465 & 480 systems reviews

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Numbers vary, but we reckon at least 500,000 people build a PC in the UK each year. Once you’ve built your own, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever go back. But that’s a small fraction of the PCs that actually get… Go To Full Article

PowerColor PCS+ 5850 Review

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We're delighted to see PowerColor back in the OC3D labs. How does their PCS+ 5850 stand up? Go To Full Article

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