Seven GeForce 8800 series graphics cards compared

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The Tech Report compares 7 different G80 cards, a mix of GTS and GTX version: "As daunting as the selection of GeForce 8800 series graphics cards may be, choice is a good thing. To help you wade… Go To Full Article

Geforce 8800GTS 320MB Pencil Voltage Mods

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These cheaper G80 based video cards are quite the overclockers, you can push them even further by upping the voltage without touching a soldering iron: "You can pencil the resistor marked above carefully to increase GPU Memory… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Releases DX10 Tech Demo

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But where is the driver? "Minimum System Requirements for this demo are: GeForce 8-Series, Windows Vista, ForceWare Drivers 100.64 or higher, 512MB system memory, 256MB video memory. Go To Full Article

Review Overview 15/02 PM

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- Genius MP3-Dj Elite (IT) - SteelPad S&S mousemate - Sharkoon Rush Laser Mouse - Sennheiser RS130 Wireless Headphones - A.C.Ryan…

ATI makes dual GPU R600 - Radeon X2800XTX2

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The ultra high end gets competition, Geforce 8900GTX and Radeon X2800XTX are not fast enough, so both ATI and NVIDIA are making Dual GPU (on on card) products, with Quad SLI (G80) and Quad Crossfire (R600) needing a small powerplant… Go To Full Article

Radeon X2800XTX will work at 750MHz/2200MHz

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$550 for this puppy, high end all the way. "THE RADEON X2800XTX will work at 750MHz core clock and the GDDR 4 memory is clocked at 2200MHz. This is how the R600XTX will be known from now… Go To Full Article

Bigfoot's KillerNIC gets cheaper offspring

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Less frills, same thrills? "Users wanting a fancy network card but turned off by the high price tag of Bigfoot Networks’ KillerNIC M1 will be able to achieve networking bliss with the new lower priced Killer K1.… Go To Full Article

IBM Unveils Fastest eDRAM Technology Yet

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This very fast access memory can speed up microprocessors up to 2x, so claims IBM: "IBM suggests its eDRAM technology achieves the same performance as conventional SRAM while only occupying one-third the space and using one-fifth the… Go To Full Article

AMD Quietly Slashes Desktop Processor Prices

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Cheap AMD CPUs get even more affordable: "The price slash vary from 3% to 45% with the majority of offerings losing from 8% to 20%. Obviously, AMD’s main concern at the moment is the success of the… Go To Full Article

OCZ Debuts “Equalizer” Mouse for Gamers

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OCZ is expanding their product line-up, their gaming mouse provides higher accuracy than immediate competitors: "The main feature of the OCZ Equalizer Laser Mouse is its 2500dpi (dots per inch) laser sensor, which offers higher precision than… Go To Full Article

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