Super Talent Releases 800MHz FB-DIMMs

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Super Talent Releases 800MHz FB-DIMMs San Jose, California – February 26, 2008 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, today announced new DDR2-800 Fully Buffered DIMMs. Go To Full Article

Insecure routing redirects YouTube to Pakistan

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On Sunday, YouTube became unreachable from most, if not all, of the Internet. No "sorry we're down" or cutesy kitten-with-screwdriver page, nothing. What happened was that packets sent to YouTube were flowing to Pakistan. Which was curious, because the Pakistan… Go To Full Article

MetaRAM quadruples DDR2 DIMM capacities, launches 8GB DIMMs

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Since its launch in January 2006, the only thing that has been publicly known about former AMD CTO Fred Weber's new venture is its name: MetaRAM. Clearly, the stealth-mode company was working on something to do with RAM, but what?… Go To Full Article

Twintech G9600GT 512MB DDR3 XT OC Edition

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Twintech™ NVIDIA® GeForce™ 9600GT 512MB DDR3 XT OC Edition PCI-Express®2.0 Graphics Card The Twintech™ NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600 GT GPU offers a powerfully impressive… Go To Full Article

Relevance of Blu-ray up in the air

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Following the recent revelation by Toshiba that it will no longer make any HD DVD products, the death knell of its next-generation, high-definition DVD standard has been sounded – and rival Blu-ray's victory assured. However, after years of a standards… Go To Full Article

Intel planning large drops in old Centrino shipments

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In order to promote a smooth platform transition, Intel plans to start dropping shipment ratios of Napa Refresh and Santa Rosa notebook platforms in the second quarter of 2008 to let the upcoming Centrino 2 (Montevina) platform become its major… Go To Full Article

Fujitsu announces 500 GB notebook hard drive

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Terabyte notebooks could be hitting the market at the end of the second quarter of this year as Fujitsu is preparing to roll out the first 500 GB 2.5” mainstream hard drives. The company’s MHZ2 BT drives… Go To Full Article

The Dell De-emphasis

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Dell has decided to de emphasize AMD. Both AMD and Dell have tried to spin this into a nonevent, but that's putting lipstick on a pig. This is bad news, period. You don't do this when you're doing well with… Go To Full Article

Toshiba Paid Off To Drop HD-DVD?

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Was Toshiba paid-off to concede the HD battle? There are some signs that may point to this as a direct result of the ended format war. Reuters has reported that Sony has agreed to sell its Cell and RSX fabrication… Go To Full Article

Asustek Computer Reportedly Orders Unprecedented Amount of Low-Cost AMD Chips

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Certain market sources claim that Asustek acquired as much as one million of AMD Sempron microprocessors, whereas more conservative sources estimate that it is more likely that Asustek ordered more than half a million, but less than a million of… Go To Full Article

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