How Viacom can sink the pirates

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Sumner Redstone, who controls the twin media giants Viacom and CBS, is leaning on Internet service providers and online media outlets to do his heavy lifting. Speaking at the Seoul Digital Forum 2008, the 84-year-old media mogul came down particularly… Go To Full Article

India and Belgium decry Chinese cyber attacks

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Belgium and India have joined the growing ranks of countries voicing concerns about cyber attacks originating from China. Earlier this week, officials from both countries said computer networks inside their borders are routinely targeted by hackers trying to ferret information… Go To Full Article

Ubuntu 8.04: Upgrade or clean install?

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Which path should you follow? Should you take advantage of Ubuntu's package manager and use it to upgrade your system to the latest 8.04 Hardy Heron release, or should you download a CD or DVD ISO image and do a… Go To Full Article

NVidia considers an across-the-board overhaul of its marketing strategy

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To help casual consumers who may not be able to track every code name and official product launch, GPU maker NVidia now says it's considering plans to simplify its product range. The news comes from the company's… Go To Full Article

AMD K10.5 Hydra to challenge Nehalem

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After Deneb and Propus 45nm K10.5 Quad-cores AMD plans to change the process and improve the existing K10.5 cores. The new process is called 45nm K10.5 Rev. D and it will bring high K to 45nm SOI cores. K10.5 Rev.… Go To Full Article

TSMC, Intel, Samsung Agree on 450mm For The Future

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Three major players in integrated circuit manufacturing -- Samsung Electronics, Intel Corporation, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) -- have made the announcement of an agreement for a new, even larger wafer production standard. The current wafer plants crank out 300mm… Go To Full Article

AMD talks Shanghai performance, features, roadmap to 2010

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Unsurprisingly, AMD's upcoming 45nm Shanghai processor was the unofficial star of the day. Barcelona, despite AMD's best efforts, simply isn't capable of scaling to the frequencies required to aggressively compete against Yorkfield-based Xeon processors, to say nothing of Intel's upcoming… Go To Full Article

Hardware Reviews Roundup 8/5 -- NVIDIA 780a Edition

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PR: Patriot Memory releases 4GB Viper Series DDR2 PC2-8500 Enhanced Latency Kit - Gigabyte EP45-DS4 with Intel P45-Chip preview - ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe - Intel P45 chipset…

Mushkin Launches Ascent, High-End Memory Line

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Mushkin Introduces “Ascent,” New High Performance Memory Line with State-of-the Art Cooling Technology from Celsia Ascent Redline and Ascent XP offer PC Enthusiasts a New Level of Performance DENVER, CO May 6,… Go To Full Article

Video Card Roundup: Performance vs Value

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For this article, we wanted to focus more closely on the question of GPU power per dollar. To make that work, we've relied on test data from (as much as possible) clearly GPU-limited scenarios—performance results obtained at very high resolutions… Go To Full Article

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