'Kryptonite' discovered in mine

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A new mineral matching its unique chemistry - as described in the film Superman Returns - has been identified in a mine in Serbia. Go To Full Article

Intel Opens Its Front-Side Bus - None-Intel Things in Intel CPU Socket

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You can now get non-Intel things that plug in to the CPU socket, a first. Think about this. When was the last time you saw something without a blue logo, dropped e or not, in a socket 603/4 or 771? Go To Full Article

Spark Industries Micro Temp MTPRO

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Ah! A nice black steering wheel. Those are always fun during the Summer. Hell, I'm in Florida. Black interiors always suck. 106.1°F. That's more like it! And as you can see from the Max temperature, I hit a spot as… Go To Full Article

The Hard Drive Factor

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While often overlooked, the hard drive plays an important role in the system’s overall capacity and performance which can be vital in ensuring a smooth-running, glitch-free experience. If data bogs down at the hard drive, you won’t have a chance… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT Performance Benchmarks

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The benchmarks were conducted on an Intel D975XBX2 BadAxe2, Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 and 2x1GB DDR2-800 MHz. The operating system on the test system was Windows XP, with a fresh install before benchmarking each card. Testing of the AMD… Go To Full Article

Closer look at AMD's Barcelona performance claims

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Some of AMD's current product spec benchmarking leaves a little to be desired, too. They claim a spec lead over Intel products based on a product tested in the first quarter, but if you look at the same product tested… Go To Full Article

AMD K10 (Barcelona) at 2.5 GHz beats QX6800 in multimedia

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In multimedia stuff and this synthetic benchmark AMD's native quad core is 33.3 percent faster than Intel's fastest Quad core, while in the floating calculations it is a massive 66 percent faster. The QX6850 with FSB 1333… Go To Full Article

Microsoft admits Vista security won't change much

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DESPITE THE fact that Vole told us that Vista would be much more secure than XP, a top Microsoft security expert has warned that very little will change. Go To Full Article

What's Different About Multiprocessor Software?

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The purpose of this series of five articles is (1) to review what is unique about multiprocessor software as compared to both uniprocessor embedded systems and general-purpose systems: (2) to study scheduling and performance analysis of multiple tasks running on… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 (rev.2.0) Mainboard

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Sometimes the desire to create a perfect product results in somewhat absurd consequences. Today we are going to introduce to you a perfect illustration of this saying – the top-of-the-line Gigabyte mainboard from the Intel P965 Express based family.… Go To Full Article

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