ASRock K10N78-1394 motherboard

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The ASRock K10N78-1394 isn't a bad board and in fact when compared to a 780G with sideport memory it performs fairly well. That said, it doesn't perform as well as a 780G board and this is a hindered one without… Go To Full Article

GeForce GTX 260 with 216 cores Video Card Review

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nVidia is launching today a new version of GeForce GTX 260 with 216 processors instead of 192 to better compete with Radeon HD 4870. In fact nVidia is pitching to reviewing websites that this new GeForce GTX 260 is faster… Go To Full Article

Lian Li PS-850GE power supply Review

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Until today Lian Li was well know as a manufacturer of high quality computer cases. Since August this year they also sell power supplies and therefore they introduced its Maxima and Silent Force productlines. Go To Full Article

e quiet! Pure Power 350W PSU Review (DE)

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The be quiet! Pure Power 350W PSU (BQT L6-UA-350W) arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next PSU Review with a high efficiency and a good price. Make the quiet 120mm fan, 4xSerial ATA connectors this… Go To Full Article

Corsair Memory powers “World’s Fastest PC”

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Corsair Memory powers “World’s Fastest PC” -9GB of 1866MHz Corsair Dominator triple-channel DDR3 helps YOYOTech’s Fi7EPOWER MLK1610 to smash SPEC CPU2006 world record- Fremont, CA, November 18th, 2008 – Corsair®, a worldwide… Go To Full Article

Oblong's g-speak: the 'Minority Report' OS brought to life

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If you've been waiting for that Minority Report-style interface to really come to fruition, you can finally exhale. One of the science advisors from the Steven Spielberg film -- along with a team of other zany visionaries -- has created… Go To Full Article

Intel X25-E Performance Numbers Pop Up

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200+Mb/s write speeds... now put them in RAID0: 500+Mb/s read speeds...… Go To Full Article

OCCT Perestroika (BETA) Released

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What's new ? * CPU OCCT : The classical OCCT CPU tests. The modes "CPU, RAM, and Mix" have been renamed to match more closely their roles to "Low, Medium and Large data sets". * Linpack :… Go To Full Article

6GHz Phenom II Overclock on LN2, 5Ghz on Dry Ice

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As we all know, the Phenom II will be AMD's second 45 nm part (the first is officially the Shanghai server part) that is scheduled to hit Q1 09. This heavily redesigned processor based on the Phenom architecture has already… Go To Full Article

Thermalright Ultra Extreme Copper CPU Cooler Review

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The TRUE Copper continues Thermalright’s dominance in the field of air cooling. With that said, it is important to point out a couple of key points. First, if you have the original Ultra-120 there is little reason to upgrade as… Go To Full Article

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