Corsair AX750 80 Plus Gold

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With sales of around 150,000 PSUs a month, Corsair is one of the largest vendors for retail power supplies. Corsair got in earlier than most other lateral entrants like GeIL or A-DATA, and their time in the market has enabled… Go To Full Article

Gran Turismo 5 Tech Analysis

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Woah. This is one of the biggest, most detail-rich tech analyses we've ever put together, but there's little doubt that developer Polyphony Digital is a studio that likes to dwell on the technical details, and to be frank, a release… Go To Full Article

AMD launches Radeon HD 6500M, 6300M

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Designed for the premium and mid-range markets respectively, both units are fully DirectX 11 compatible, with Shader Model 5.0, DirectCompute 11, and HDR texture compression support as standard along with a programmable hardware tessellation unit. OpenGL 4.1 and OpenCL 1.1… Go To Full Article

9 Alternatives for Windows Home Server’s Drive Extender

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Windows Home Server had a few other benefits as a storage solution over a standard Windows installation but for many people, drive extender was the only reason to use the product. Now that Microsoft has killed it off, let’s look… Go To Full Article

Flash and Solid State Drives: Facts and Forecasts

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Flash memory means much more to computer users than memory cards or USB drives. SSDs are not only trendy but also practical. The global economic recession has delayed the arrival of inexpensive flash-based storage devices but specialists do expect them… Go To Full Article

GeForce GTX 570 Specifications, Release Date Leaked

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The GTX 570 will be a deputy to the company's recently-release GeForce GTX 580, it is based on the GF110 graphics processor, with 480 CUDA cores enabled, and a 320-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface holding 1280 MB of memory. Go To Full Article

3DMark11 release pushed back by a few days

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Futuremark let us know that they are going to push back the release date of 3DMark11 by a few days, originally planned for release 30th this month, they want to deliver a version with a bit more polish, instead of… Go To Full Article

Listings for Sandy Bridge laptops start appearing

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Many adjectives may describe the upcoming launch of Intel's Sandy Bridge processors, but surprising won't be one of them. Intel has already confirmed the release date—January 5—and we're getting a close look at an increasing number of matching motherboards. Now,… Go To Full Article

Super Talent UltraDrive 480GB SSD Review

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It was just a few days ago that the internet was abuzz with news of Super Talents new offering of its UltraDrive MX 480GB SSD which promised a new era in consumer SSD capacities. The idea of 480GB of SSD… Go To Full Article

Intel X25-M 120GB Retail Solid State Drive

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Until Marvell and SandForce released their first solid state drives Intel had a performance lead on all of their competitors. Unfortunately in our testing we found the 80GB Postville SSD lacked capacity and at the time the 160GB version cost… Go To Full Article

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