ASUS Plans Motherboards To Support 140W Next-Generation CPUs

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ASUS Unleashes Plans for Motherboards to Support 140W Next-Generation Processors ASUS, worldwide leader of motherboard production, has once again kept up with leading trends and technologies by announcing the release of…

LG Display showcases two-sided LCD panels

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LG Display Co Ltd developed a reflective LCD panel that can display different images on front and back sides of the glass substrate and unveiled it at SID2008. With the adoption of a reflective type electrically controlled… Go To Full Article

2D/3D 1080P Projector Showcased

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Projectiondesign announced that it will launch its 3D projector supporting both 2D and 3D in Korea market in September. Go To Full Article

Intel will move Larrabee quickly into desktops, notebooks

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Larrabee is currently scheduled to debut in the second half of 2009 at IDF Fall in San Francisco, which means that we should expect this card in the August/September time frame. Intel will launch a high-end part, possibly targeting server… Go To Full Article

Intel Nehalem Clocking & Turbo Mode

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An intersting aspect to Nehalem is the reports of a "Turbo Mode". While published details are hard to come by, this dynamic core clocking capability is illustrated in the slide below. It appears to be an extension of the Performance… Go To Full Article

Painkiller Game Review

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Most stylish shooter...the level design gives me a big fat architectural stiffy. There are over 50 distinct variates of dudes to murder, all amazingly well designed. They don't give me any kind of stiffy though, that would be gay.… Go To Full Article

Sony to go ahead with OLED investment

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Sony will go ahead with plans to invest approximately 22 billion yen (US$210 million) to strengthen its lead in the production of medium- to large-size OLED panels in the second half of 2008, according to Yoshito Shiraishi, general manager, e-products… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master launching a new Geminii CPU Cooler for HTPC

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The Geminii S is much smaller than its bigger brother. It comes with a single pre-fitted 120mm fan with the option to install either two 92mm fans or two 80mm fans, depending on your needs. It measures 124 x 120.8… Go To Full Article

Catalyst 8.5 hints new cards

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So after a quick look through the .inf file we managed to find id strings of Sapphire's unannounced Radeon HD 3750. Some other strings revealed the RV610 based HD 3410 and HD 3550 cards. Last but not least we have… Go To Full Article

$1500 gets you a non-working graphics board

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THOSE OF YOU WHO get your kicks footling about in the innards of your computers will be delighted to hear of the impending arrival of the Traversal Technology OGD1. And if field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) float your boat then you… Go To Full Article

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