FBI hacker was trying to get his job done

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A CONTRACTOR who was so cross that he had to get authorisation to do the slightest thing, hacked the password of FBI director Robert Mueller to make sure he had no approval problems, a court was told

Galaxy Releases Dual-Chip GeForce 7600 GT Graphics Card

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In a bid to differentiate itself from its rivals, Galaxy Technology, a maker of graphics card, has introduced its first Masterpiece-series product, which carries two graphics processing units (GPUs). Masterpiece is a new family of products offered…

Galaxy Geforce 7900 GT

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Overclocking performance is a major reason for owning a 7900 GT. At stock it already beats its competition, so when we delve into overclocking it's all about getting GTX-like performance for a lot less money. That's not a typo, the…

The Revision of MSI 975X Platinum - Ultimate Platform for IntelT Core 2

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MSI, Micro-Star International, one of the World leading motherboard manufacturers, is releasing MSI 975X Platinum Powerful Upgrade Edition. Offering full support for the latest Intel "Core™ 2" processor and packed with new impressive features, MSI 975X Platinum is designed to…

AMD Celebrates 52% Increase Due to Opteron Sales

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SUNNYVALE, Calif. — July 6, 2006 — AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that sales for the second quarter ended July 2, 2006 are expected to be approximately $1.215 billion – a 52 percent increase compared to the second quarter of…

Is it just a trend, or will server virtualization be the way to go in the near future

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Virtualization is all the rage these days. All the major Linux players are getting into the game with support for Xen, while Sun has Solaris Containers, Microsoft has Virtual PC, and VMware arguably leads the whole market with its high…

Copy Protection Hole in Blu-ray and HD DVD Movies

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We all know one of the main reasons for the delayed introduction of next generation optical drives HD-DVD and Blu-ray. It was the copy protection AACS which should ensure an encrypted communication from disc to display. Now…

The Quick INQ guide to designing chips

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THIS IS not meant to be an in depth article covering every minute aspect of chip design, but it is meant to take away some of the mystery of what happens between a thought entering an engineer’s head to a…

PowerColor X1900 GT: Worthy Rival to GeForce 7900 GT?

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In our today's review we are going to take a closer look at a newcomer from ATI Technologies that tends to become a leader in the performance-mainstream market segment. It will be presented by PowerColor X1900 GT. Let's find out…

VIA Announces VX700 Chipset

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VIA has announced a new single-chip chipset designed for UMPC systems. The new VX700 chipset is compatible with VIA’s C7-M processors. The single-chip VX700 manages to pack all north and south bridge features into a single 35x35mm chip package that…

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