Patriot PC2-6400 2GB Dual Channel Memory Kit

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"Overclocking was decent, impressive that they could stretch beyond 800MHz @ 4-4-4-12 but none the less, very little gained by doing so. Patriot once again brings a solid competitor to the market space, giving the consumer a nice alternative to… Go To Full Article

Supreme Commander Goes Gold

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THQ Inc. (Nasdaq: THQI) today announced that Supreme Commander, developed by critically acclaimed Real-Time Strategy designer Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games, has reached the gold master stage of development and is now entering manufacturing. Supreme Commander offers unprecedented scope… Go To Full Article

The Dark Side of HDCP - Why is My PS3 Blinking?

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"High Definition Content Protection is supposed to make sure you're not playing pirated content, but sometimes your devices screw up the HDCP 'handshake' (over an HDMI cable) and nothing works. This happens with some regularity with the PS3, and Popular… Go To Full Article

ECS nForces just as well as everyone else

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TODAY WE BRING YOU our First Inqpression of the latest motherboard from ECS based on the nForce 680i SLI chipset from Nvidia. After some fairly serious problems at first, particularly with data corruption, the 680i boards seem to have the… Go To Full Article - benchmark competition site - cause for many sleepless nights

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Earlier this week announced their weekly Teams ranking update, ever since the introduction of their ingenious HWBoints systems which allocates points to each benchmark score submitted depending on the system components, the amount of entries and… Go To Full Article

BFGTech GF 8800 GTX Water Cooled Edition

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[H] Enthusiast has the BFGTech GF 8800 GTX Water Cooled Edition in house today to evaluate the benefits and detriments of water cooling a high end video card. If nothing else, it is just an awesome sight to see two… Go To Full Article

ASUS EAX1950PRO CrossFire video card

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It's been a few months now since they first looked at ASUS' EAX1950PRO part - Today, Elite Bastards throw a second board into the mix thanks to the EAX1950PRO CrossFire, to see just what there is to be gained from… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Reveals Downloadable Vista, Office

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Microsoft will make Windows Vista and Microsoft Office 2007 available for direct download via Windows Marketplace starting January 30 at suggested retail prices (but without the discs, packaging and manuals of the retail version). Windows Vista editions offered through Windows… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon X1950 XTX Uber Edition Hits The Market

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After the acquisition of ATI Technologies by Advanced Micro Devices the latter started to force out ATI’s brand-name and emphasize AMD brand for graphics cards. However, there are still many fans of ATI, who are very addicted to this name… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte H971 Home Theater PC – HDMI, C2D and Loads of Style

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"The newest HTPC design to come out of Gigabyte is the “H971” and it improves on the now somewhat outdated H663, in quite a few ways. The new version is a little bigger and implements a new style which is… Go To Full Article

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