Gigabyte 3D Mercury Water Cooling Case

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A few months ago we had the pleasure of reviewing the Gigabyte 3D Aurora case, we were total impressed with the construction, looks and ease of installation. This time around, Gigabyte has sent us their flagship enclosure to review, the… Go To Full Article

Ditching the Desktop for a Laptop

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Laptops are cool, convenient and fun. No doubt about it. I enjoy using mine. But, just keep in mind…most laptops today are Fords, not Toyotas. They run fine when they’re new but they have a higher failure rate. Laptops are… Go To Full Article

XSPC X2O Delta CPU waterblock

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Today we have the opportunity to give XSPC's X2O Delta CPU waterblock a thorough workout in the OC3D Review Labs. Will it be the next best thing for dual and quad-core processors? Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX PC3-11000 CL7 DDR3 2gb Kit

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After using these nippy blue modules in several of our DDR3 motherboard reviews, we thought it was about time we got up-close and personal with them by pushing them to their limits on our new DDR3 testbed. Go To Full Article

[M] ASRock 4Core 1333-eSATA2 R5.0 Intel P31 Motherboard Review

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ASRock introduces another new board 4Core 1333-eSATA2 using the newly released Intel P31 chipset in succession only days after the release of 4Core 1333-Viiv P965 main board. Can this board outperform and beat the P965 in performance and price? Let's… Go To Full Article

Vuzix Introduces iWear® VR920, Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Video Eyewear

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Vuzix Introduces iWear® VR920, the World’s First Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Video Eyewear PC and Mac-compatible eyewear features progressive scan LCDs, a 32 degree field of view, head tracker, 3-D support and a virtual 62”… Go To Full Article

Top Selling Pet Robots In Action

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Unlike industrial robots, "Mental Commitment Robots" are developed to interact with human beings and to make them feel emotional attachment to the robots. Rather than using objective measures, these robots trigger more subjective evaluations, evoking psychological impressions such as "cuteness"… Go To Full Article

AMD Fusion sports DX10.1 support, UVD

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AMD FUSION WILL hit the market with a bang, at least according to the energetic director of technical marketing for EMEA region. Mr. Giuseppe Amato went into detail about what AMD's up to in the near future,… Go To Full Article

Crysis multiplayer demo available...

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IF YOU'RE ONE of the paying members of FilePlanet, a download site owned by Rupert Murdoch, you're in luck. Sort of. EA is just one of the publishers that likes receiving income for offering exclusive downloads of various versions of… Go To Full Article

Gecube Dual Radeon HD 2600XT VideoCard to Cost €250 at least

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Gecube's Gemini 3 with two Radeon HD 2600XT GPU's will soon show its face in Europe. Retailer's don't yet have it on stock but the lowest price that we could find is €259,32. This is good price but we still… Go To Full Article

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