Hacking Automotive Systems

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In a paper set to be presented at a security conference in Oakland, California, next week, the researchers say that by connecting to a standard diagnostic computer port included in late-model cars, they were able to do some nasty things,… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Reports Financial Results for First Quarter Fiscal 2011

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NVIDIA reported revenue of $1.0 billion for the first quarter of fiscal 2011 ended May 2, 2010, up 2 percent from the prior quarter and up 51 percent from $664.2 million in the same period a year earlier. On a… Go To Full Article

Dual GF100 Fermi to be replaced with dual GF104 card

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It looks like that upcoming mainstream miracle chip simply codenamed GF104 is going to find its place in Nvidia’s dual-chip card. The card that some roadmaps new as D12U-50 is internally canceled due to its too high TDP. The Chinese… Go To Full Article

German Court Says Secure Your Wi-Fi or Get Fined

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If you live in Germany, then you'd better put a password on your wireless router now. A German court ruled that those with internet connections hooked up to a wireless access point must put a password to… Go To Full Article

Intel is a fundamental computing company

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CHIPMAKER Intel has proclaimed that it has morphed into a fundamental computing company. That surprising statement came from Chipzilla's CEO, Paul Otellini, who was speaking at an investor event. It was presumably an effort to spur more… Go To Full Article

Components returns rates in France

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The first question is of course where the stats come from. They’re taken from a large French online retailer, whose database we have direct access to. We were, then, able to extract the stats we wanted straight from source. Of… Go To Full Article

MSI N460GTX-M2D1G 1280MB listed at €320

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GeForce GTX 460 will according to rumors sport 384 CUDA processors, 48 texture units and 32 ROPs. This should translate into 256-bit memory bus for the GDDR5 memory, and for that to make sense it should 1024MB. We're suspecting a… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 465 Tested

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Saying the product will launch under the GeForce GTX 465 moniker (Nvidia reportedly wants to save the GTX 460 label for a GF104-based offering), eNet shows a photo of the card's GF100 graphics processor—the same chip that powers GeForce GTX… Go To Full Article

Pay $100,000 to John Carmack and he'll take you into Space

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Forget about renting an island - the real exclusivity is entering the First 10, then the First 100 and First 1000 clubs. As such, Space and flying into is a dream ticket to one of rare exclusive clubs remaining.… Go To Full Article

Portal: Mac OS X vs Windows Performance Test

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It’s been a while since anyone treated Mac OS X as a first-tier gaming platform, so when Valve announced that they would be bringing their Steam service and the Source engine to the Mac, it was big news. After a… Go To Full Article

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