PC Club Enpower ENP660 Laptop Review

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PC Club is one of the medium-sized computer resellers in the US, with 37 locations scattered across the western US (as well as a couple of stores in Oklahoma). We've looked at some of their previous offerings, and have found… Go To Full Article

Gainward to announce Geforce 8600GT with 1Gb for €250

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The core will work at 500 MHz while the memory will run at 1000 MHz which is not the fastest we've seen but don’t forget that we are talking about twice as much memory than anyone else uses for 8600… Go To Full Article

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition will be available on 20 August in Japan

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AMD also announced a new processor today at the Akiba event. The new processor is the Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition. It is rated at 3.2GHz. According to early data The CPU will have 2MB L2 cache and built… Go To Full Article

Power a Linksys WRT54G over Ethernet (no more External PSU needed)

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Objective: Wire up a Power Over Ethernet (POE) cable AND make it provide power INTERNALLY (i.e. no external power connector going into the router. I have limited space in my outdoor AP enclosure, so can't use the power connector).… Go To Full Article

Nokia-branded batteries at risk of exploding -- 46 million devices affected

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Here we go again kids. After all those notorious fires related to the batteries used by the world's largest handset manufacturer, Nokia has issued a product advisory related to the BL-5C, Nokia-branded battery. That's right, Nokia branded, not just those… Go To Full Article

Intel X38 boards are expected in October

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Highly anticipated X38 chipset is expected sometimes in October. The chipsets will go out sooner but it takes some time to finish the motherboards. P35 is just slightly improved version of P965 chipset with support for 45 nanometre CPUs and… Go To Full Article

Asus / MSI external graphics still missing

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Asus is talking about its XG station for more than six months. Despite a few promises that we will see the products in April and second time after Computex this product is still not out. Go To Full Article

Hard Drives in Short Supply

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Hard disk drivers(HDD) are in short supply. The reasons include increased demand from digital handheld devices such as PMP and navigators, and lack of supply as some Japanese products were recalled due to technological problems. Sources say… Go To Full Article

Hitachi Refines 3D Holographic Display Technology

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Many think the next big step forward in PC displays for gaming and design will be 3D holographic displays. Currently there are some 3D displays on the market, but they aren’t holographic. Back in 2004 Hitachi announced… Go To Full Article

AMD fixed the "Purple Pill" exploit with Catalyst 7.8 Release

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Last week, reports of an AMD ATI Catalyst driver vulnerability appeared around the web. The vulnerability affected the ATI Catalyst driver package and triggered by the Purple Pill tool, which was a proof-of-concept, and allowed malicious kernel tampering in Windows… Go To Full Article

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