OCZ Freeze Thermal Compound Review

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Today for review I've got the OCZ Freeze Thermal Compound, when you think of OCZ you normally think of quality ram, but they are into cooling as most people know. The OCZ Freeze is another entry into the every growing… Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC343 ATX Case

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Lian Li is a name well known amongst the modding community and for good reason too. The have built up a reputation world wide for quality well engineered and designed aluminium PC cases. Their designs are sleek and subtle, never… Go To Full Article

Swiftshader: 3DMark, Crysis und Call of Duty 4 completely rendered by the CPU

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a few days ago, the software rasterizer Swiftshader from Transgaming was released as a demo. It's up to 50 times faster than the reference rasterizer from Microsoft and supports Shader Model 2.0. Go To Full Article

[M] Gainward 9800 GTX 512MB Video Card Review

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In this review we take a closer look at the latest product from Gainward, based on the recently released 9800 GTX we compare the BLISS' performance in several games, and find out how cool and quiet this new high end… Go To Full Article

GeForce 8800GS to become GeForce 9600GSO

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When GeForce 8800GS got launched, it is an unpopular product. NV’s Dev team tried hard to keep its performance when shrinking it from a 8800GT, but because the lack of propaganda (yes i mean the leak slide, screen shot and… Go To Full Article

[M] LN2 Cooled Galaxy 9600 GT Breaks World 3D Records

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Madshrimps cooperating with Belgium's finest overclockers pay offs, in this article we detail the efforts of two OCTB crew members as they push a Galaxy 9600 GT past its limits using LN2. Warning: Frozen World Records Inside! Go To Full Article

Water Cooling Your Laptop

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Introducing the Waldic (water & air laptop direct input cooler). This device is a dual mode home made laptop cooler. It was made for the purpose of watching movies without being disturbed by the annoying fan. The following pics are… Go To Full Article

Next Nvidia card dubbed D10U-30?

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Nvidia plans to release a new card in Q2 2008 codenamed D10U-30 and the new card will come up with 1024MB of DDR3 memory. This is the chip that comes before GT200, and GT200 should be out in Q3 or… Go To Full Article

ATI plans Mobility 3870 X2

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Mobile computing will finally get some decent Crossfire graphic from AMD. Codenamed M88, AMD plans to launch a product that is very similar, if not the same to a desktop RV670 chip. The M88 will enable two… Go To Full Article

Heat from data center used to warm Swiss swimming pool

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Located in Uitikon, Switzerland, the data center is expected to create 2,800 megawatts of wasted heat per year when operating at full capacity -- the same amount of energy needed to supply up to 80 houses with heating and warm… Go To Full Article

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