Chinese crackers blamed for US power blackouts

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Two blackouts in Florida and the Northeast were at least partially caused by Chinese crackers, computer security experts told the National Journal Magazine. The magazine bases its claims principally on Tim Bennett, former president of the Cyber… Go To Full Article

Chinese OpenOffice 4.0 beta takes design cues from Office 2007

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Harkening to the famed Office 2007 ribbon interface, RedOffice's new UI has been designed to, as the group says, "provide a work area with a simple graphic interface, so that use is more concise and efficient." While… Go To Full Article

USB3.0 forks as industry gangs up on Intel

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WELL, IT LOOKS like you and I are going to be in for a world of incompatibility and pain in the coming year, USB3.0 is forking. Intel is playing power games again, the industry is going around it, and we… Go To Full Article

New HP-Microsoft Live Search deal is all about Silverlight

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Following the recent announcement of Live Search cashback, Microsoft has today disclosed a new deal with HP that is expected to give a slight boost to the usage of both Live Search and Silverlight in the US and Canada, starting… Go To Full Article

Kindle Receives 5,000 More Book Titles

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After announcing in April it replenished its supply of the Kindle eBook reader, Amazon announced the Simon & Schuster Inc. book publisher will release more than 5,000 additional titles for the popular eBook reader made by Amazon. … Go To Full Article

RV770 won’t do FSAA though Shaders

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We've learned that RV770XT and Pro won't do Full Scene Antialiasing via Shaders. Developers hated it, but RV670's design flaw was responsible for it. RV770XT and PRO will end up significantly faster, especially with FSAA compared to RV670 generation. The… Go To Full Article

Centrino 2 live in the wild…..WiMAX gods smile down with envy and delight

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I’ve never said that being a demo guy doesn’t have its perks. And today I’ve got my privileged hands on a brand spanking new Asus Centrino 2 (“Montevina” for us nerds) system, as I blog away under the sexy glow… Go To Full Article

AMD ships Radeon 4850 graphics card

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AMD’s graphics team has put the finishing touches at its new GPU generation and actually has begun shipping the new 4850 card to OEM partners and retailers: The new Radeon series will sell for prices between $199 and $499.… Go To Full Article

Nvidia's lauches Tegra: A Computer on a chip

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In very simple terms, all chip manufacturers have the same business goal: To sell more chips every year. If your core market limits your growth, you will have to look for new markets. Intel has recently done this with its… Go To Full Article

Art Lebedev Shows Off New Keyboard with LCD Screen

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Art Lebedev, a design studio from Russia primarily known for its Optimus keyboards with in-key screens, has unveiled a concept of its Optimus Popularis keyboard, which should become more affordable than existing Optimus Maximus and make the concept of keyboards… Go To Full Article

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