Cooler Master Aquagate Viva Liquid Cooling System

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X-Bit Labs takes the Aquagate water cooling system for VGA for spin on a Geforce 8800 GTX: "Thus, the liquid cooling system is inferior to the thermoelectric one. The difference in the GPU temperature is 6°C. Is… Go To Full Article

Buying OEM versions of Windows Vista: the facts

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Want to spare a few $/€ and get the OEM? Here's what you need to know: "OEM software is also tied to the motherboard it is first installed on. Unlike the retail versions of Windows which can… Go To Full Article

R600, R610, R630 Launch Schedule & Availability

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VR-Zone has the scoop on actual availability of the new ATI DX10 capable VGA cards: "ATi has finally provided some updates to their eagerly awaiting partners regarding the schedule of their upcoming DX10 cards. R600 will be… Go To Full Article

Make Firefox Look Like Internet Explorer

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If you want to run Firefox without somebody noticing it, this guide will come in handy: "I've created this simple How To guide that shows you just what needs to be done to get Firefox looking just… Go To Full Article

Vista and nForce4 SataRaid - an installation guide

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If you switched over to the Vista side of the OS pond, this article will come in handy if you're an nForce4 motherboard owner: "As some Beta and RC versions of Vista were downloadable for everyone and… Go To Full Article

Creative’s SoundBlaster May Account for Less than 1% of the PC Audio Market

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Creative being outdone by onboard audio? "Creative Technology, a maker of digital media players and a supplier of various audio equipment for personal computers (PCs), has reported a profitable quarter amid helpful sales of music players and… Go To Full Article

Review Overview 02/02 AM

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- CASE: Antec Nine Hundred Case - PSU: Hiper Type R 730W PSU - PSU: Tagan TurboJet TG1100-U95 1100W PSU - CPU:

Sony Open to Considering PS3 Price Cuts

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Cheapest BluRay player to become even more affordable ? "The Mercury news reports that Sony Senior Vice President Takao Yuhara has admitted they are investigating whether to drop the PlayStation 3 in price around the world,… Go To Full Article

More Vista Activation Woes . .

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Activate Vista, loose XP key... or license? has an editorial on it "Just more crap to worry about with these great 'buy xp now, get vista later' deal. If you choose to purchase an upgrade version… Go To Full Article

Remote Exploit of Vista Speech Control

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This didn't take long... "George Ou writes in his blog that he found a remote exploit for the new and shiny Vista Speech Control. Specifically, websites playing soundfiles can trigger arbitrary commands. Ou reports that Microsoft confirmed… Go To Full Article

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