The Noctua NF-S12 and the NF–R8 Silent fans Review

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Today I shall be taking a look at a product from Noctua that promises to be the answer to those seeking that silent dream. The Noctua NF- S12 and the NF – R8. We only got one NF… Go To Full Article

BFGTech ThermoIntelligence Cooler Works?

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BFGTech recently introduced their “ThermoIntelligence” custom video card cooling solution that was showcased on their OC2 model GeForce 8600 GTS. Earlier this week they launched even more video cards equipped with their ThermoIntelligence coolers. As you can see outlined here,… Go To Full Article

MSI jumps the gun with X38 board

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MSI made a brief introduction of its upcoming X38 based motherboard. This might be among the first board to support Intel X38 high end chipset. This Ultra high end motherboard will be really overclockable and it comes with 4 Phase… Go To Full Article

DIY'ers create homemade 3D printer

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Hot on the heels of the candy-object-making printer, an ingenious group of DIY'ers from Russia have managed to create a homemade 3D printer from a CNC lathe kit and some cobbled together bits and pieces. Typically, 3D printers are quite… Go To Full Article

In2Games bringing motion sensing to the PS2

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Although the battle for next-gen supremacy is in full swing, the best-selling console in the land remains the venerable PS2, so it was only a matter of time before developers tried to cash in on the buzz surrounding Wii by… Go To Full Article

MTRON 32GB SSD: Better in a Notebook?

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We can see now why a fast Solid State Drive should be on your preferred option list for a notebook, provided you can afford one at this time. Their overall performance is unequaled across a variety of applications and the… Go To Full Article

Cellshock Joins the DDR3-1800 Club

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MSC – German manufacturer of high-end electronics and memory modules – today launches their DDR3-lineup under the CellShock brand which will be available immediately. The new product line includes two 2GB memory kits with 1600MHz and 1800MHz nominal working frequencies… Go To Full Article

AMD K10 Micro-Architecture

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First AMD Barcelona processors should be announced in a month already. They will be the first solutions to be built on AMD’s new K10 micro-architecture that the company pins a lot of hopes upon. Let’s take a closer look at… Go To Full Article

Intel Wolfdale, Yorkfield to Hit 3.16GHz at Launch

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According to Digitimes, 45nm Penryn desktop processor family that is scheduled to come out in Q1 2008 will include 9 models from the start. Five of them will have two computational cores and four will be quad-core solutions. The maximum… Go To Full Article

Antec EarthWatts 500Watt Power Supply Review

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Over a 5 year period, nearly $70-$100 can be spent on wasted electricity from one power supply. Many in today's digital lifestyle have multiple computers, or computerized appliances, so even a 5% improvement over all of your equipment can mean… Go To Full Article

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