BFG 9600 GT OCX Video Card Review

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Today we are checking out the BFG 9600 GT OCX. This is one of the best performing and highest overclocked 9600 GT video cards we have tested to date. In the end the BFG 9600 GT OCX… Go To Full Article

MacBook Airs Go Solar with the Apple Juicz

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Quicktek has announced the Apple Juicz, a foldable solar panel that can be used to power Apple's Macbook Air notebook. Even if you love the idea of Apple's MacBook Air super-thin notebook computers, you've probably noticed their… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Announces NavReady Embedded Operating System for PNDs

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Microsoft announced a new embedded Windows operating system this week called NavReady. Microsoft says that NavReady is the first category-specific operating system it has released. Some key features of NavReady are a small footprint that uses a… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon 4870 to come a bit later

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RV770XT based GDDR5 cards are barely going to make it for the 25th launch. We've learned from various sources that these cards will reach retailers literally just days, if not hours before the launch. Radeon HD 4870… Go To Full Article

The cheapest GTX 280 sells for €497,63

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The two cheapest, if you can call them cheap at €497,63, are coming from Asus and XFX. Unfortunately, they are just listed at this price, and still not available, but that is probably going to change soon. The most expensive… Go To Full Article

AMD working on 8W Single Core CPU

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Here's an interesting news article about a possible AMD CPU aimed at netbooks and UMPCs. Its a 64 bit, single core CPU running at 1Ghz with a TDP of 8W. Effectively half of a Turion X2 dual-core CPU. Go To Full Article

AMD to Update its Low-Power CPU Lineup

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Two low-power triple-core Phenom CPUs – X3 8250e and 8450e – will feature core frequencies of 1.9GHz and 2.1GHz, respectively, and both include an L2 cache of 1.5MB and L3 cache of 2MB. The two CPUs will enter DVT in… Go To Full Article

Zalman Wins Patent Lawsuit Against PC Cooler

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Seoul, Korea – June 17, 2008 – Zalman has finally won the final utility/registered design patent infringement lawsuit (a total of 17 cases) against PC Cooler in China, after almost two year lasting efforts. In accordance with the final judgment… Go To Full Article

[M] MSI Overclocking Contest Results Pre-Selection Round

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MSI Overclocking Contest Results Pre-Selection Round For several weeks now a dedicated group of Madshrimps forum members have been busy overclocking the MSI hardware they received from MSI Europe. They got a MSI P35 Platinum motherboard and… Go To Full Article

Not guilty plea in Internet suicide case

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LOS ANGELES - A Missouri woman pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles federal court Monday to charges in an Internet hoax blamed for a 13-year-old girl's suicide. Lori Drew, 49, stood quietly beside her attorney Monday. She… Go To Full Article

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