Applying Thermal Grease ~ Anything but the "razor blade" works well

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The WORST pattern was the razor blade - blame my application technique, but when you think about it, any ridges or gaps in applying grease may result in coverage gaps Go To Full Article

What you need to know about Intel's Nehalem CPU

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In this article, I'll give a general overview of Nehalem, focusing on the major changes and big new features that the architecture will eventually bring to Intel's entire x86 processor line. A more in-depth examination of Nehalem from me will… Go To Full Article

Spire launches Pininfarina design HDD enclosures

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Spire launches Pininfarina design HDD enclosures With the success of the Spire Pininfarina PC Chassis we're proud to announce yet another great product in the Spire designer line-up. Spire created the Pininfarina HDD Enclosures line… Go To Full Article

Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor-based Platforms Available in Channel Today

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Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processor-based Platforms Available in Channel Today —Leading distributors, system integrators and specialized OEMs now delivering AMD Quad-Core Processor-based server systems to small and medium businesses, enterprise customers, and high performance computing centers— Go To Full Article

First Eight OEM Platforms Featuring Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors Now Available

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First Eight OEM Platforms Featuring Quad-Core AMD Opteron™ Processors Now Available — Quad-Core AMD Opteron Processors Now Widely Available; Platforms Ranging from Blade to High-End Servers now shipping from HP — SUNNYVALE,… Go To Full Article

AMD Envisions Microprocessors with More than Eight Cores

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Advanced Micro Devices was nearly a year late to market with its quad-core microprocessors compared to Intel Corp., but the firm seems to be optimistic about its roadmap execution going forward. The company says that its octa-core microprocessors are due… Go To Full Article

ASUS EN9800GTX 512MB Review

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It's not too often that the fastest single-GPU available is also affordable, but the 9800 GTX is just that. At just over $300, it delivers incredible performance at all resolutions and also turns out to be amazingly overclockable. It's just… Go To Full Article

OCZ Vendetta 2 HPT CPU Cooler

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Computer hardware is an ever-evolving industry, and since Moores law only applies to an exponentially growing transistor count then there should probably be another law for cooling. In the very recent past there have been two major trends which have… Go To Full Article

Kingston Hyper X PC3-13000 2GB Memory Kit Review

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Kingston has been in business for longer then most of us have probably been building systems. Well known for its ValueRAM and HyperX memory lines, as well as some pretty damned impressive flash memory, Kingston knows how to dish up… Go To Full Article

Biostar GeForce 9600GT (V9603GT52)

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So after all this testing and benchmarking, what are my thoughts? Right now is a great time for anyone looking for performance on a budget. The mid-range market is crowded with plenty of great performing video cards,… Go To Full Article

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