AMD Phenom 2 X4 810/ X3 720 BE - DDR3 Review

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Nearly two months ago AMD launched the Phenom 2 with the main benefit over the original Phenom being enhanced performance on the higher end model. That was not the only improvement though as technology such as cool n quiet was… Go To Full Article

Asus Eee Top ET1602 All-In-One Touch Screen PC

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The Eee Top ET1602 builds upon Asus' popular line of Eee-branded products by introducing an all-in-one desktop form factor, complete with a 15.6" touch screen. Like the Eee PC netbooks that preceded it, the Eee Top ET1602 is built around… Go To Full Article

Nanoxia FX Series Waterproof Case Fans

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Case fans are the one part of a computer that many people overlook in the midst of such techno-talk as new GPUs, SLI compatibility, and SATA hard drives. I, however, have had a very nasty experience with an overheating computer… Go To Full Article

Seriously impressed by speed of Safari 4 BETA

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for Mac & PC, we have too much choice? Go To Full Article

Quake Live Open Beta Now Available

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Id Software today has launched its browser-based Quake Live video game as an open beta for anyone who wants to test the rehashed version of Quake III Arena. Quake Live is available for free and will be… Go To Full Article

Gas cylinder office chair kills 14-year old

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A 14 YEAR OLD BOY from Jiaozhou City in China died of blood loss after the gas lifting canister inside his chair sent shrapnel into his bottom. The news report said that this month three other people… Go To Full Article

Geforce GTS 250 Will Launch At Cebit

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And will feature performance marginally faster than the Geforce 8800 GTX at mid-range resolutions. At higher AA/resolution only the 1gb GTS 250 versions stand a chance to outperform the golden oldie from NVIDIA. There will also be a 512Mb version… Go To Full Article

Rebranding Goes Mobile: Geforce GTX 280M and 260M to launch at Cebit

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The new mobile GTX 280M and 260M are based on the G92b 55nm chip and they bring a few cool things to the notebook market, such as 256-bit memory support and up to 128 stream units. Nvidia expects that the… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Phase Change Cools E8400 @ 4Ghz at 50°C

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The Thermaltake Xpressar RCS100

MSI X-Slim X600 Slimline Notebook To Go Up Against Macbook Air

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Everyone must have MSI 320 has the impression, and today (2 / 23) MSI released a new series of X-Slim, this is the 15.6-inch, model for the… Go To Full Article

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