Palm to close retail stores in U.S. by end of month

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Oh Palm, things just seem to be going from bad to worse. After your recent (and repeated) Palm OS II delays and employee layoffs, you really should be due for some good news -- but that's not the case today.… Go To Full Article

Linux Mint, The Ubuntu That Should Have Been?

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Before continuing I’m going to say up front I purposely avoided using Mint because I was under the impression it was just an "Ubuntu with some nice stuff added to it". And there’s a few distros out there like that.… Go To Full Article

Beginners Guides: Formatting and Partitioning a Hard Drive

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In this Beginners Guide, we'll cover all the necessary steps for installing and preparing a second hard disk drive on both Win9x/ME and Win2K/XP systems, as well as setting up the hard drive for installation on a brand new computer… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GT and GTS Showdown: XFX, Zotac and Gainward

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With a new graphics card launch the initial batch of cards is followed by a flurry of enhanced models and the 8800 GT and GTS are no different. In today’s review we will be taking a look at some of… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 Pro Intel Heatsink Review

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The Alpine 7 Pro retails for less than $15CDN ($15USD), and comes with a pre-installed patch of thermal compound. This is a no-frills heatsink, but it makes some concessions towards lower noise production. In tradition Arctic Cooling fashion, the Alpine… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Toughpower 1500Watt Modular Power Supply Review

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Are you running out of power? I am taking a look at the ToughPower 1500Watt power supply from Thermaltake. My first thoughts before testing this huge PSU was to find second job to pay the electric bill, but it seems… Go To Full Article

Mushkin Releases DDR2-800 FB-DIMMS for Mac Pro, Xserve

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Mushkin Announces Availability of High Speed DDR2-800 FB-DIMMs for Apple Mac Pro Workstations and Apple Xserve Servers DENVER, CO, January 22, 2008 – Mushkin Inc. ( Go To Full Article

CoolIT Freezone Elite CPU Cooler

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During CoolIT's CES-presence this month, the Freezone Elite was unveiled. In addition to offering stellar performance comparable to the original, the new MTEC control center is thrown in as well. This self-regulating module proved to do a fantastic job, making… Go To Full Article

500w Power Supplies: Antec EarthWatts and Seasonic M12II Review

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On the test bench today are two power supplies, Antec's EarthWatts (EA-500) 500w and Seasonic's M12II 500w (SS-500GM). They're both 500w power supplies, and in many ways they're the same, but also quite different. With one marketed for users who… Go To Full Article

AMD ATI Radeon HD 3650 and 3450 Refresh Launch

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Today AMD is officially unveiling the Radeon HD 3650 and the Radeon HD 3450 / 3470, which are based on the 55nm RV635 and RV620 GPUs, respectively. Like the RV670 that came before them, the RV635 and RV620 are competitively… Go To Full Article

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