OLEDs inch closer to mass market via GE manufacturing tweak

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OLED technology, once the bright-eyed child of the display industry's future, has turned out to be long on promise and short on delivery. Developing the next-generation display technology has taken far longer than anyone originally predicted, and the ultimate goal… Go To Full Article

Stored Data to Exceed 1.8 Zettabytes by 2011

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By 2011, there will be 1.8 zettabytes of electronic data stored in 20 quadrillion files, packets or other containers because of, among other things, the massive growth rate of social networks, and digital equipment such as cameras, cell phones and… Go To Full Article

comparison of the Asus Eee PC against six bargain laptops

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CNet has recently done a comparison of the Asus Eee PC against six bargain laptops that all fall under $1000. Included in the list is the Elonex One, OLPC, EasyNote XS and MSI Wind. "Since the Eee's launch, many of… Go To Full Article

The Electronic Post-It Note

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“Pick up milk.” “Feed dog.” “Finish homemade nuclear sub.” Like many people, I can’t function without writing little reminders to myself. But using one paper sticky note after another causes a lot of clutter and can be pretty wasteful. Instead,… Go To Full Article

Powercolor shows of HD3870X2 with GDDR4 Memory

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PowerColor Introduces HD 3870 X2 equipped with Samsung GDDR4 Memory TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today announced that… Go To Full Article

ArtOfCooling, new contender for High End CPU/VGA Cooling

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ArtOfCooling, new contender for High End CPU/VGA Cooling We met with ArtOfCooling at Cebit this year, who are gearing up to release some high end water cooling products, for CPU and VGA. While their website is being…

Nvidia to fight Intel with software

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Nvidia will launch a piece of software, a benchmark if you like, that proves that GPU is more important than CPU. This is what Intel might find a bit troublesome. We don’t know many detail,s but this… Go To Full Article

Asus is now a PC company

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ASUS IS FINALLY taking the step that you knew they would, they are making PCs. Low and high end machines are first out of the gate, complimenting the laptops and accessories they already make. Go To Full Article

Spliff Davis goes up in smoke

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FLOUNDERING web 1.0 print and Web tech publisher, Ziff Davis Media, has finally admitted defeat and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, blaming huge losses in ad revenues and subscriptions. Go To Full Article

ATI HD3850 and HD3870 further drop in price

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As of today, HD3850 256MB is available for as little as €109. This is more than enough for the HD3850 to hold on to its best buy crown in the segment as you simply can't get anything close to it… Go To Full Article

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