Cooler Master Storm Sniper

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Obviously Cooler Master decided to have product for every user category that exists, when it comes to computer chassis. If you take a look at last few reviews of Cooler Master chassis, you will see that each chassis is suited… Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3 PC3-12800 6GB kit

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We were very impressed with the last Crucial kit we reviewed so here's hoping for a repeat performance. See how we get on in our latest DDR3 review. Go To Full Article

Webmaster buys slower CPU because otherwise that company will go bankrupt

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So was I stuck in a time warp when I bought my Phenom X4 9950 BE or merely buying one for nostalgia sake? Did I buy AMD because I didn't want to buy a new motherboard? Did I buy AMD… Go To Full Article

ASRock X58 SuperComputer Mainboard Review

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At first ASRock solutions stood out due to an extravagant combination of seemingly incompatible processors, chipsets and technologies – all at a very affordable price. Now the company is offering solutions built on top-of-the-line chipsets that tend to cost substantial… Go To Full Article

Futuremark Releases Browser Benchmark

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Peacekeeper the browser benchmark will run a wide range of tests that will measure the performance of your browser. Once complete, Peacekeeper will display the results in an easy to understand graph along with the performance details of other browsers… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Backs Away From GTS 240 Rebrand of 9800 GT!

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NVIDIA will not be going ahead with its controversial GTS 240 rebrand of the GeForce 9800 GT graphics card, according to a confidential email that DailyTech has seen. The GPU firm has been under pressure from frustrated GPU board partners. Go To Full Article

Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 Released

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Mozilla has released the third beta for Firefox 3.1 (which may become Firefox 3.5). This beta includes the new location bar, Mozilla's new JavaScript engine Tracemonkey, new HTML5 features and many other enhancements. It looks the same on the surface,… Go To Full Article

New Battery Material Expected to Enable Ultra Rapid Recharge

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Engineers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a kind of beltway that allows for the rapid transit of electrical energy through a well-known battery material, an advance that could usher in smaller, lighter batteries – for cell phones… Go To Full Article

OCZ Apex Series 120GB SSD

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The solid state drive, or SSD, market is incredibly hot at the moment, with a constant influx of new products that seem to leapfrog previous offerings at every turn. No one has been able to overtake Intel's X25 series of… Go To Full Article

SSD From Intel, Patriot and Super Talent Compared

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Today we have three SSD's on our test bench from Intel, Patriot and Super Talent. Each has a different capacity and cost but all will be placed through a selection of synthetic and real world tests to establish which drive… Go To Full Article

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