Xigmatek NRP-HC1001 1000w Power Supply

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The Xigmatek NRP-HC1001 is the first Xigmatek power supply we have reviewed and certainly had a lot of things going for it as it is based on the highly popular CWT PUC platform. However, while the majority of this potential… Go To Full Article

Logitech Announces Illuminated Keyboard for Non-Gamers

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One thing that you commonly find on gaming keyboards at the high-end of the price range is backlit keys. At the same time, you don’t often see backlit keys on keyboards not meant for gaming. Logitech has announced its first… Go To Full Article

AMD Has No Plans for Single-Core Chips Made Using 45nm Process Technology

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Apart from code-named Deneb and Deneb FX processors for high-end and premium class processors, AMD plans to release code-named Propus, Heka, Rana and Regor chips for mainstream and entry-level processors. All the chips are intended for AMD’s new socket AM3… Go To Full Article

Don LaFontaine - THE MOVIE VOICE - passed away this week

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750,000 television spots, 5,000 movie trailers, 1 voice, Don LaFontaine has the most recognizable voice in the game right now. Here is the legend's story told by… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 supports up to 1066 DDR3

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We were surprised to see that the Bloomfield generation of CPUs will officially support DDR3 800 or 1066. Even the extreme edition 3.2GHz Core i7 officially only supports DDR3 1066 and not faster. There won't even be an official support… Go To Full Article

AMD's RV710 pricing revealed

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It seems like AMD is going to keep putting pressure on Nvidia in the graphics card market as Tom's Hardware Taiwan has scored some AMD slides which reveals the pricings of the RV710 and the most expensive card is expected… Go To Full Article

AMD Intends to Unveil Deneb FX Chips in Mid-2009

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Advanced Micro Devices plans to return its premium class FX-series processors to the market sometime in the middle of next year. The question is whether the new central processing units (CPUs) will truly be capable of successfully competing against rivals. Go To Full Article

Asus announces non-reference HD 4870 with 4+2 phase power module

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It’s two month since RV770 announcement, and many manufacturers introduce their non-reference HD 4850. However, there are still seldom HD4870s with non-reference design for the GDDR5 memory. So it’s happy to see one more non-reference HD4870 comes out, and it’s… Go To Full Article

ATI HD Radeon HD 4670 and HD 4650 Performance Tested

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Chinese based website IT168 got their hands on with RV730, the upcoming HD 4670/4650. Initial test shows that HD 4670 is really close to HD 3850 512MB,which is only $100 in newegg. Go To Full Article

Tagan A+ Black Pearl WCR

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Here in North America, everything is bigger the better. The bigger the TV, the better. The bigger your computer monitor, the better. The bigger the fridge, the better. That's because big houses here are really that common.… Go To Full Article

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