Sunbeam Tech UFO Cube

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See-through cases have never had a particular appeal to me, but today I have the Sunbeam Tech UFO Cube case which is, well, cube shaped and see-through; although not very UFO like. Let’s have a look Go To Full Article

MSI P35 Platinum Motherboard – Bearlake hit the shelves

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The feature set is solid, it looks great and offers enough to keep the majority of people interested. The box could offer a few more extras like additional USB ports and the board's eSATA solution is inferior to Gigabyte's optional… Go To Full Article

DDR2 vs DDR3 tested head to head

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the DDR3 DIMM at 1.7 volts was noticeably hotter than the DDR2 DIMM at 2.15 volts, both Geils using the same standard heat spreader type. Geil usually has pretty good choice of dies (Micron in both cases here) and, even… Go To Full Article

Google, Intel target efficient PC power supplies

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At the heart of the initiative is a push to get PC makers and consumers to adopt more efficient power supplies and voltage regulators. These two components, working together, convert AC power from a wall socket to 12-volt DC power… Go To Full Article

One Laptop Per Me

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A $US549 Dell laptop is not a very exciting product - it'll have half as much RAM as it needs, for a start - but it's still worth remembering. Heck, you can get a Lenovo 3000-series laptop for $US649, or… Go To Full Article

Acer Ferrari 1005WTMi Notebook

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We would like to introduce to you another member of the Ferrari racing team from Acer. This time it is going to be an ultra-compact solution based on AMD Turion 64 X2 TL60 processor running at 2.0GHz that proved very… Go To Full Article

OCZ 1000w Power Supply Duel

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We take two very similar OCZ desktop power supplies and give them a through evaluation while getting to the bottom of just what is the true difference between the GameXStream and ProXStream line of PSUs from OCZ. Spend your cash… Go To Full Article

AMD forces Intel to drop chip prices by 50%

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The company told customers it will cut prices of its high- end Core 2 Quad processor by 50 percent on July 22, according to an Intel document given to clients. The chips, introduced in November to run servers and the… Go To Full Article

Google to limit data retention to 18 months

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Google on Tuesday said it would cut the time for which it retains users’ personal search data to 18 months from 18-24 months, in a fresh concession to European Union data protection officials. Go To Full Article

Google chafes at Vista

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Google charged that Vista includes a desktop search program that competes with a Google product. Google claims the Microsoft offering is complicated to turn off, which hurts the performance of PCs and makes it less likely people would use Google's… Go To Full Article

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