hardware - How-To: 8 GHz on Bulldozer

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Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone out there with Bulldozer and Liquid Nitrogen, and for everyone else I hope it uncovers the secrets of how its done. It worked for me to the tune of 8.06GHz and currently 17th… Go To Full Article

Intel Making TRIM on RAID Possible?

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The TRIM command feature has become an industry standard for internal garbage collection on SSDs. Unlike with magnetic storage devices such as hard drives, in NAND flash storage devices, new data can't simply be overwritten on existing deleted data (like… Go To Full Article

Video: Girl Doing A Batman Arkham City Fight Scene

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Being a fan of the new Batman Arkham City game, I thought this video was pretty neat. Someone send this girl a Catwoman or Batgirl outfit. I can't wait for the PC version of this game to come out next… Go To Full Article

Several Entry-thru-mid Radeon HD 7000 GPUs Mere Rebrands

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Want a new graphics card this shopping season? Is news of Radeon HD 7000 series arriving late this year or early next year holding you back from purchasing current-generation? Don't let it, go grab that graphics card you had your… Go To Full Article

A quick look at Gunnar's glasses for computer junkies

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Quick poll: everyone who regularly squints at a computer monitor or television at least eight hours a day, raise your hand. Do I hear nine hours? Ten? Twelve? Depressingly, you'll still find my hand waving timidly in the air.… Go To Full Article

Verbatim Wireless Mini Slimboard Review - XSReviews

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Verbatim are a company well known for their optical media but they also make a range of other PC related goodies, from hard drives and speakers to computer mice and even printer toner and in this case the rather nice… Go To Full Article

Max Payne 3: Creating a Cutting Edge Action-Shooter

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Rockstar has put together a new series of videos for Max Payne 3 called the "Design and Technology Video Series" that gives you a look at the movement, animation, targeting system and enemy AI. Go To Full Article

USB 3.0 to be used as chip to chip interconnect

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One of the problems with low power devices such as smartphones and tablets is that you have limited options when it comes to the bus that the various chips use to communicate with each other. Most devices use fairly slow… Go To Full Article

Crucial DDR3-1600 8GB @ MHW

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The Crucial memory arrived safe and sound well-packed inside a bubble envelope mailer. This is important because no matter how good a product is, if it arrives to you damaged it usually isn't of much good. The… Go To Full Article

Kitguru Video: Interview Intel's Anna Cheng - X79

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While the KitGuru lab has burned the midnight oil to bring you the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of Intel’s brand new technology, the chip manufacturer has its own view on the new platform and what it means. Once you’re… Go To Full Article

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