Super Talent & TEAM: DDR3-1600 Is Here!

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Less than 2 months after the launch of P35, and just a few days after launch of the processors that can officially use the new 1333 bus, we were notified by several vendors that they were ready to launch DDR3-1600!… Go To Full Article

AMD's AGP version of HD 2400 PRO/XT comes in August

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AGP versions of RV610 cards are almost ready. We will see the first versions of these cards in August and some ATI partners did promise to have these cards out some 20 days after the PCIe release. This sounds like… Go To Full Article

AMD’s Fab 36 Fully Converted to 65nm Process Technology

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Advanced Micro Devices announced during the most recent teleconference with analysts that its Fab 36 had been fully converted to modern process technology and also said that the yield of those products was high enough. However, even though the output… Go To Full Article

[M] Powercolor Radeon HD 2400 XT Video Card Review

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Shortly after releasing their long waited HD 2900 XT, ATI announced a new generation of mid-range and low-end graphic accelerators, the HD 2600 and HD 2400 series. The HD 2600 series follow up the X1600 and are ATI's next best… Go To Full Article

Samsung SM226BW 22-inch LCD Monitor Review

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Our A panel stated it was the A variety on the back of the monitor, but to truly check what panel you have you need to turn the screen on and look at a hidden engineers menu option, stating exactly… Go To Full Article

New Nvidia chipset in November, MCP78 with DX10 IGP

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We're looking at three different models for difference price points. There will be a U, S and D (seems like Nvidia is thinking a lot about money) version of the MCP78, with the U version having the fastest integrated graphics… Go To Full Article

Logitech G9 gaming mouse in the works

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Why is it that every time someone gets a few spy shots of some new hot, cool or interesting hardware is it that the pictures are either blurry, completley out of focus or just generally terrible quality? Well, Engadget has… Go To Full Article

No AGP DX10 Video Cards from NVIDIA?

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We tried to ask around about Nvidia's AGP version of its DirectX 10 G84 and G86 cores and we found out that there is still no solid news that Nvidia will make such a design. Nvidia's previous HSI bridge chip… Go To Full Article

Intel Price Cuts in Full Swing

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Intel last week released a new lineup of 1333 MHz front-side bus processors at low price points, but held off price cuts for existing processors until July 22. The day has arrived and Intel price cuts for existing Core 2… Go To Full Article

XFX Fatal1ty Geforce Overclocked 7600 GT Videocard Review

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At first I wasn't expecting much from a passively cooled and overclocked mainstream videocard. To be honest, I thought it was a recipe for product disaster. Surprisingly, this card held out just fine and in some cases surpassed my expectations… Go To Full Article

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