ASRock P45DE Motherboard

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In the Overclock settings submenu, we can set the CPU host clock, the DRAM frequency, but also the FSB to MCH strap (very useful function, which allows higher CPU overclocking when we have a small number of memory dividers, like… Go To Full Article

[M] CoolerMaster updates the UCP900 to version 4: 80+ GOLD!

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We got hands-on experience with the latest and greatest Cooler Master PSU, a 900W unit rated 80 Plus Gold, and it will be available in shops soon too! Using some advanced test gear we get to put it under extreme… Go To Full Article

Lynnfield chip will be called Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 depending on features

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We are focusing our strategy around a primary 'hero' client brand which is Intel® Core™. Today the Intel Core brand has a mind boggling array of derivatives (such as Core™2 Duo and Core 2 Quad, etc). Over time those will… Go To Full Article

Intel Core i7 920 2.66Ghz vs. Lynnfield 2.66Ghz

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Who are the Core i5? Although some of the upcoming Intel is likely to keep bouncing the CPU is still expressed doubts about the naming, but we give you today are brought about by conservative Core i5 and accurate or… Go To Full Article

Intel plans Q9505, 45nm quad-core

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Intel plans to launch one more CPU, but surprisingly this time we are talking about a Yorkfield 45nm Core 2 generation LGA775 CPU. The CPU is less than exciting, as it is nothing more than Q9550 version with 6MB of… Go To Full Article

ATI fixes HD 4770 supply issues with HD 4850

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A few days ago we noticed a nice price drop on ATI HD 4800 series, and according to our info ATI is doing it in order to meet demand in this market segment, as HD 4770 yields are simply not… Go To Full Article

Japanse build car that runs on H20

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A Japanese venture company, Genepax, has unveiled a car on that runs on water. All it requires is a litre of water. In fact, any kind of water to be exact, whether its river, rain, sea water, or even Japanese…

In Win Commander 850W Power Supply

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Today we had the opportunity to review our first product from In Win and it came to us from their Commander series of power supplies. The In Win Commander 850W represents yet another entrant in the 850 watt product segment… Go To Full Article

Kingston Puts 128GB of Flash Memory into USB Drive

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Kingston Memory, one of the world’s top suppliers of flash and DRAM products, has unveiled the world’s first flash drive with 128GB capacity. The manufacturer positions the new lineup of USB flash memory drives for multimedia enthusiasts as well as… Go To Full Article

Gainward GTS 250 2048MB Limited Edition

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It is no secret that the question about the amount of onboard video memory a contemporary graphics adapter needs is one of the eternal questions in the consumer 3D graphics industry that keeps surfacing over and over again as the… Go To Full Article

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