F-Secure Finds Half Dozen Vulnerabilities in 2 Top Social Networking Sites

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We picked two among the top social networking sites with a reported combined user base of 80 million. Within half an hour we had discovered over half a dozen potentially "wormable" XSS vulnerabilities in each site! We stopped looking after…

Google Lawyers Admit To gmail Privacy Leak

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So, as can be expected, lots of these advertisers have Gmail accounts. And what did Google do? It checked them. Google algorithmically peaked at all the accounts on the list their agent had developed which they had access to, to…

XFX GeForce 7600 GT XXX Edition Graphics Card

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Nvidia's main mainstream weapon these days, GeForce 7600 GT graphics accelerator, has already been mentioned in one of our previous reviews devoted to ATI Radeon X1800 GTO performance. Despite the 128-bit memory bus, it demonstrated the level of performance comparable…

Official Intel Price Cuts In Effect

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Intel officially lifted the performance NDA for its Conroe Core 2 Duo processors two weeks ago. While Core 2 Duo performed very well obtaining processors was a tad difficult. That was because the official Intel launch with retail availability was…

Intel Officially Unwraps Core 2 Duo Processor Family

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As expected, Intel Corp. unleashed on Thursday its new Intel Core 2 processors for desktops and notebooks. The new dual-core 64-bit chips not only outperform competitors and predecessors, but also consume much less power, which may condition their increasing popularity…

OCZ PC-4000 EB Platinum DDR

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The first impression of these modules is that they are beautiful. The heat spreaders are polished and the OCZ logo is embellished on the side, and have OCZ's trademark weight. They are not light by any means, and fingerprints will…

Mushkin 2GB EM6400 DDR2-800

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With C2D and AM2 out, many are looking for the right DDR2 kit to choose. If you are on a budget, then you will want to check out the Mushkin EM6400, which retail for around $200. Though they are surrounded…

Logitech Z-5450 Digital 5.1 Speaker System

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I decided to try the Z-5450s with a few PC games and also with a few Xbox games. On the PC side, I gave it a run with titles such as Half-Life 2, Doom 3, and Battlefield 2. Gaming with…

ZALMAN CNPS9500-AM2 Heat Sink

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Zalman specializes in silent, or quiet, computing solutions. Having developed the CNPS (Computer Noise Prevention System) line of products, Zalman is mostly recognized for their CPU and VGA well as their marketing affiliation with Fatal1ty

Antec NSK3300: Small, quiet and highly efficient

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Antec brings the sophistication of separate cooling zones from their big P180 to a small microATX case. The NSK3300 is bundled with a 300W SFX power supply, and is promoted as "small, quiet and highly efficient". SPCR takes a close…

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