Akasa Evo 120 Heatpipe CPU Cooler

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The 120 signifies the 120mm fan that the Evo CPU Cooler uses, which I found to be virtually silent. I've found that the Evo 120 CPU cooler can be an excellent choice to replace an Intel or AMD stock cooling… Go To Full Article

VC-RHC universal VGA cooler

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When I first saw pictures of the cooler I didn't like the look of it. I didn't like the look of the sliver plastic. But once it arrived it didn't look to bad and I could see that the plastic… Go To Full Article

PNY XLR8 D22GX85XL-5 2GB PC2-8500 Memory

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The PNY XLR8 D22GX85XL-5 dual channel memory kit has a default clock speed of DDR2-1066 MHz while using 5-5-5-15 timings and a voltage of 2.2V. The XLR8 D22GX85XL-5 is compatible with nVIDIA's EPP standard so that means if you're a… Go To Full Article

Mushkin HP2-6400 4GB Kit

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In the meantime many manufacturers offer ever more the 4GB kits at memory. Whether it is now because of Windows Vista, the separation of the DDR2 by DDR3 or by the at the moment very low prices, is only once… Go To Full Article


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XIGMATEK's HDT-S963 boasts heat-pipe direct touch technology with a unique spoiler design, light aluminum material fins and anti-vibration rubber mounts to keep things quiet. Read on as we put this cooler through its paces. Go To Full Article

HEC Group Zephyr 650W ATX Power Supply

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Noise is always a concern, and I am happy to say that even with the 120mm and 80mm fan in the Zephyr 650W, the system remains virtually silent. You have to pay close attention to notice the thermally controlled changes… Go To Full Article

OCZ GameXStream 1010W PSU

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CZ offers a high powered PSU for demanding users with four PCI-E power lines. This PSU can be used either with SLI or Crossfire setups and from our test results performed very good. Go To Full Article

AMD Opteron Share in Workstations Plummets

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Back in Q2 2006 the market share of uni-processor (UP) and dual-processor (DP) AMD Opteron workstations was 3.6% and 13.3%, respectively, which was not even close to Intel’s 96.4% and 86.7%, but still was historically highest. But then Intel introduced… Go To Full Article

Samsung SyncMaster 940UX: First USB-Monitor Reviewed!

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Although USB connectors in monitors appeared many years ago, they have performed only secondary functions all this time. However, now Samsung Company offered an LCD monitor that is connected to the PC via the USB bus and can work without… Go To Full Article

Radeon HD 2900 XT vs. 320MB 8800 GTS

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See how the 320 MB version of the GeForce 8800 GTS compares in games against the ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT. If video card value is what you seek, you will want to read this. We have also included some… Go To Full Article

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