Gigabyte 3D Rocket II Cooler

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We have already tested the first version of the “Taiwanese Rocket” before. Now it is high time we checked out the new and improved Rocket II from Gigabyte. Stylish looks, universality, relatively simple installation, what else brings us this new… Go To Full Article

Microsoft's Vista sales boost 3Q profit

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For the quarter ended March 31, Microsoft's profit jumped 65 percent to $4.93 billion, or 50 cents per share, from $2.98 billion, or 29 cents per share, in same period last year, boosted by sales of Vista and Office 2007,… Go To Full Article

Intel Attacks AMD with Massive Price Drop on Microprocessors

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The price slashes vary from 6% to 40% depending on the processor model, but the most remarkable drops can be noticed in Core 2 family of microprocessors. After the price slash of 38%, Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor now… Go To Full Article

IBM Adds Videogame Console Chips to Mainframes

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Soon the powerful 'Cell' microprocessor that fuels Sony's PlayStation 3 console will be available in IBM mainframe computers. The intent is to allow high-performance machines to run complex online games and virtual worlds. 'The integration initially will be accomplished by… Go To Full Article

Crazy Belgian tests 105 Power Supplies

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Since the end of 2005, we use the same configuration for our tests of PSU. Although newcomer to badly consume not Watts, it is sometimes insufficient for certain very powerful PSU while being too greedy for the most modest blocks.… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce 8800 Ultra Photo Pops Up

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The GeForce 8800 Ultra comes with 768MB of GDDR-3 memory clocked at very aggressive 1.175 GHz in DDR mode, or 2.35 GHz. The bandwidth has now grown to surpass any upcoming competition, regardless of the width of the memory bus… Go To Full Article

News Roundup 26th April

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- SAPPHIRE Pure Innovation HDMI PI-AM2RS690MHD Motherboard - Abit and MSI take on the nForce 650i - Super Talent DDR2 1000 (T1000UX2G4) 2GB -

DFI announces their NF680i based motherboard - Best Intel OC board?

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A 100% self-made DFI product. DFI LAN Party UT NF680I LT SLI-T2R, the ultra high-end model that will rock your world. NVIDIA never ceases to stride to make a better and faster Chipset. Not long… Go To Full Article

Quiet Media PC made from Junk

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This article is intended for people like me who already have a noisy system they want to make quieter. For someone shopping for components to build a media center from scratch, the part about fan control is irrelevant as most… Go To Full Article

Geforce 8800 GTX faster than Radeon HD 2900XTX

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The less than stellar performance benchmarks are no surprise to board partners and AMD insiders. Two independent ATI board builders told DailyTech that Radeon HD 2900 XTX will not be a part of their initial portfolios. Given the additional memory… Go To Full Article

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