Hard disk cooler Titan RTNV: keep it cool

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The Reduced Temperature Noise Vibration from Titan is the name of the cooler we reviewed: it promises reduction of temperature, vibration, and consequentially of noise. This RTNV is a cooler with a solid design and very resistant:… Go To Full Article

World in Conflict - Performance

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Most of the new games work fine with the technology available but from time to time a game comes out that really stress the computer. Most of the times the game is a FPS (First Person Shooter) like Unreal, Doom… Go To Full Article

Zalman Reserator XT Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Review

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Water cooling rigs have come and gone over the years, along with the companies that make them. Zalman has been one of the few who made it, and they have done so due to the quality of the products they… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Giveaway

@ 2007/10/01 read/post comments(0) has teamed up with CoolIT Systems, to bring you all another great giveaway! This month, we will be giving one lucky winner a prize package featuring three of CoolIT's best-selling accessories! Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT GDDR4 Review

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We have already reviewed new Radeon HD graphics architecture before, but at that time we only took a closer look at the top Radeon HD 2900 XT model, while more mainstream solutions didn’t get covered because they were scheduled to… Go To Full Article

Leadtek WinFast PX8600 GT TDH HDMI, Simply Connect then You Got a Multimedia Center

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Simply Connect, You Got a Multimedia Center! - Leadtek WinFast® PX8600 GT TDH HDMI Taipei, Taiwan, September 29th, 2007-- Leadtek… Go To Full Article

AMD hotfixes Catalyst 7.9

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Here is the full list of fixed issues:<br> <br> * Enemy Territory Quake Wars: Crossfire flickering issues are resolved. Performance is improved<br> * Bioshock: Resolved intermittent hangs for the Radeon HD 2400 and Radeon HD 2600<br>… Go To Full Article

Intel Preps 45nm Quad-core Desktop Launch

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Intel's Extreme Edition "Yorkfield" processor will launch on November 12; sub-3.0 GHz variants will launch in the first half of January 2008 Go To Full Article

New Rivatuner allows you to control Shader Clocks on NVIDIA Cards

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New version is now finally usable with R600 GPUs, since Unwinder fixed I2C write routine that was blasted by many users out there. 2.05 now has databases for ForceWare 163.69 and 163.71 versions of drivers, so if you like to… Go To Full Article

Cockroaches are morons in the morning and geniuses in the evening

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A new study has found that cockroaches are morons in the morning and geniuses in the evening in terms of their learning capacity. Previous studies suggest that the learning capacity of both people and rats are also affected by their… Go To Full Article

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