Memory speed impact on Intel Core 2 Systems

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Basically with my current setup using DDR2, I can plug the memory into the motherboard, then go ahead and overclock the CPU while keeping the memory near its rated speed and timings. The memory speed and timings… Go To Full Article

AMD Price Cuts Next Monday

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As we begin a new quarter and prepare for the busiest time of the year, selected AMD dual-core desktop processors will have a reduction in suggested prices effective next Monday, October 8. This will be a great opportunity to upgrade… Go To Full Article

SilentFlux ATX CPU Cooler

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This is a thermosyphon type heatsink using R134a for the fluid medium. While not for aggressive cooling, the SilentFLux is an interesting heatsink and a good solution for quite cooling. Go To Full Article

Windows Vista Continues to Increase Market Share

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Microsoft Windows Vista operating system (OS) managed to substantially increase its install base in September, whereas both Windows XP and Windows 2000 saw their market share decreased. While Apple Macintosh platforms also increased their share last month, the growth for… Go To Full Article

Bling! Gold Plated MacBook Pro

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Steve Jobs and Jonny Ive will surely wince when they see what Computer Choppers have done to their beautiful machine, but for readers who weigh in on the wrong side of the Taste:Cash ratio, the 24 karat gold plated MacBook… Go To Full Article

INQ Guide to free software designed to protect Windows

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AS WE DESCRIBED in the first article in this series, these days it's possible to kit out a Windows computer with a fairly complete set of Internet and productivity tools and utilities completely for free. Not only can this save… Go To Full Article

Intel X48 sampling now

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Intel is meant to start sampling its upcoming X48 chipset to motherboard manufacturers this week according to information we've got. There's still some three months before motherboards based on the new chipset will be available. Interestingly, none… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Duo T9x00 and T8xx are 45nm

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T9300 is the new Core 2 Duo based on the Penryn architecture and naturally this dual core CPU is made in the 45 nanometre process. Intel plans to unveil the whole range of 45nm CPUs in January 2008. Go To Full Article

Geforce 8800 GT Pictured, Scores 10769 in 3DMark06

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We got our own picture of the Geforce 8800GT and it confirms that the card is a 9-inch board, single slot design, and that it has two DVI and a HDTV out. You can not see the 3x2 power connector… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Sphere CPU Cooler Review

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The new cooling solution from Cooler Master we are going to talk about today develops the Mars cooler concept. More heatpipes, solid copper design, a blower turbine instead of a fan and... Read our review for more details now!… Go To Full Article

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