Thermaltake Purepower Rx 600W Modular Power Supply review

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When we first looked at the promises made by Thermaltake regarding the Purepower Rx 600W, we were somewhat skeptical after our past experiences with the older Purepower lineup. I will be the first to say that we were proven completely… Go To Full Article

Asus P5E3 Deluxe WiFi @n motherboard

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We'd like to say that this is ridiculously expensive but when the Striker Extreme arrived several months ago at £230 we thought the same of that, but Asus sold them as fast as it could make them. Obviously, quite a… Go To Full Article

[M] CoolIT Eliminator and Freezone CPU Coolers Review

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These two all-in-one water cooling units from CoolIT provide plug and play performance cooling with help of several TEC elements to keep CPU load temperatures down. We stress test the Eliminator and Freezone models on an overclocked Intel processors to… Go To Full Article

Russians to build 45nm Fab

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THE RUSSIAN government is make a multi-billion dollar inevetment in a chip fab The wonga will come from the estimated 150-billion dollar investment fund created by selling oil and natural gas to Euroland and other interested parties.… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Unveiling Office Live Workspace

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Microsoft Office Live Workspace, as the free Web site is called, isn't quite live. Starting Monday, users can sign up to be part of an early "beta" test of the service. A number of those users will be able to… Go To Full Article

Nvidia 780i is not a new chipset

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It turns out that the "new" Nvidia 780i chipset might not be all that it's cracked up to be and it looks like Nvidia has once again "recycled" and old chipset by adding a PCI Express controller to the mix. Go To Full Article

Dual ATI RV670 to score 960GigaFlops

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ATI's new high end will have two RV670 chips and has many codenames. Some of the ones we've head includes R670 and R680 but lets simply call it dual RV670. The new card will be able to score an amazing… Go To Full Article

Intel SpeedStep, Windows XP, and confusing Power Profiles

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This information is elsewhere on the net, but not necessarily easy to find, so I’m “re-documenting” it here while I still remember it from my work in this area back in 2002-2005. These states are mapped for Windows XP terminology… Go To Full Article

Inside Windows Vista Service Pack 1

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After several months of silence, Microsoft last month finally revealed some concrete information about Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), which I translated into my Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Revealed showcase. If you haven't read that article, please do… Go To Full Article

Club 3D launches HD2900 GT Heatpipe Edition

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Club 3D HD2900 GT Heatpipe Cutting edge HD2900 technology for extreme attractive pricing levels. Essential DirectX 10 technology for Windows VISTA and today's hottest PC games. An excellent choice for serious and rock solid High Definition computing. Go To Full Article

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