32GB OCZ Core SATA II SSD $99 after Rebate

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Newegg currently has the recently released 32GB OCZ Core Series SATA II SSD for $159 -- MWAVE also lists the drive for the same price. There is also a $60 manufacturer's rebate which drops the price down to $99 --…

HP’s EliteBook 6930p Laptop Can Operate 24 Hours on Battery

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Hewlett Packard on Monday unveiled its new HP EliteBook 6930p laptop that can operate for as long as 24 hours with special ultra cell capacity battery under certain conditions. The actual battery life of the product may be considerably lower,… Go To Full Article

13 VGA Coolers Tested on ATI HD Radeon 4850

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Overall performance ranking: Thermalright T-Rad2 AC Accelero S1 XIGMATEK VD964 AC Twin Turbo Coolink GFXChilla PCCOOLER HP3-851(爱琴海) Thermalright HR-03 GT ZALMAN GV1000 ZEROtherm GX820… Go To Full Article

2.3Ghz Phenom X2 16% faster than 2.3Ghz Athlon X2 in SuperPi

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Here is some pics that for yesterday’s topic. The Phenom X2 6500+(or we should call it Athlon64 X2 6500+?) is definitely faster than other dual core Athlons. In comparison i ran a Athlon64 5000+, lower its clock… Go To Full Article

Two HD 4670 Faster than a Single HD 4850

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At least in the preliminary benchmark scores; the 4670CF setup is slightly faster than a stock 4850 in 3DMark06 & Vantage. The individual scores were 54xx in SM2.0 and 65xx in SM3.0 tests, a 4850 on the same setup ended… Go To Full Article

MSI Radeon HD 4670 Card Photos

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VR-Zone snapped some pics of the upcoming MSI HD Radeon 4670 which will be in shops very soon. Performance wise the card is slightly slower than the current HD 3850. Go To Full Article

Intel Q8200 Compared to Q9300 and AMD 9850

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 Q8200 takes section of 45nm the craft manufacture four nucleus basic level CPU, its performance and with is 45nm the craft manufacture Q9300 disparity is not that… Go To Full Article

Performance issues with OCZ/Supertalent/Patriot MLC SSDs Investigated

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Although this links to a section of their Intel X25-M review, it's worthy of a special mention for those who are looking to buy one of these affordable SSD drives, as they present cases were performance is really worse compared… Go To Full Article

[M] Twintech 9600 GT Overclocked With Phase-Change Cooling

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We continue our hardware torture tests with the Twintech 9600 GT. Using a custom build phase-change unit we cooled the GPU and overclocked it to new heights. Can we break some world records? Read on to find out. Go To Full Article

Enlight Sniper Power 650W PSU Review

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Enlight have a few products designed for gamers and enthusiasts though, and today we will take a look at one of them; the Sniper Power 650W PSU. Enlight currently has no 800W+ units and this product is their second most… Go To Full Article

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