Futuremark Vantage DX10 run on ATI 3870X2 and NVIDIA 9800GX2

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Chilehardware ran the latest 3DMark which is DX10 only on ATI HD3870X2 and NVIDIA 9800GX2. No details on what benchmark setting was used. The default Performance setting on 3DMark Vantage runs at 1280x1024, but there are other…

Hundreds of Thousands of Microsoft Web Servers Hacked

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Hundreds of thousands of Web sites - including several at the United Nations and in the U.K. government -- have been hacked recently and seeded with code that tries to exploit security flaws in Microsoft Windows to install malicious software… Go To Full Article

Saudi blogger freed

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A Saudi blogger was released Saturday after spending four months in prison without being charged, several news outlets reported. The Saudi government had warned Fouad al-Farhan, who is 33, about his activist blogs before his arrest in… Go To Full Article

EFF: San Francisco WiFi failed due to Google

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The Uberpulse blog recently posted a video with the Electronic Frontier Foundation founder, who claims San Francisco's municipal WiFi project died due to Google and its weird privacy claims. According to EFF co-founder, John Gilmore, speaking at… Go To Full Article

HIS Radeon HD3650 IceQ (H365Q512GNP)

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Throughout the tests, the HIS Radeon HD 3650 performed well. It is not a top-of-the-line card but its performance should be satisfactory for all but the most extreme of gamers. If you don't care for too much… Go To Full Article

New MSI P7N2 Diamond mainboard - Ultimate gaming platform

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MSI launches the MSI P7N2 Diamond a new member in the award winning MSI P7N series. The MSI P7N2 Diamond is based on the Nvidia 790i Ultra SLI chipset. The new mainboard supports 3-way SLI and is based on the… Go To Full Article

Microsoft plans search software for Linux and Unix

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Linux and Unix software from Microsoft? That will be one of the upshots of Microsoft's proposed buyout of Fast Search & Transfer, Microsoft officials said today. But that doesn't mean you'll see Microsoft software shifting platforms. "You… Go To Full Article

Yahoo kicks off re-wiring project

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Yahoo users will soon have one place where they can manage all the services they use on the popular website. The company has begun a mammoth re-engineering project that will unify the disparate services Yahoo runs. … Go To Full Article

What Edubuntu can teach your kids

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Edubuntu is a customized version of Ubuntu aimed at children in educational environments. According to the distributions homepage, Edubuntu is "Linux for Young Human Beings." That works out well for me, since I have three of those in my house.… Go To Full Article

Sun salvages what's left of a multicore CPU developer

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Sun Microsystems has purchased Montalvo Systems, a struggling startup company that attempted to design a mobile, energy-efficient multi-core chip that never made it to production, a Sun spokesperson confirmed. "Sun has acquired the technology assets of Montalvo… Go To Full Article

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