Intel got the engineers, didn't need Nvidia or ATI

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Our sources within Intel said that AMD jumped the guns with the acquisition of ATI and that at the end it could have done the same job just by getting the engineers. Intel acquired many ATI guys… Go To Full Article

id Software shows of new 3D engine dubbed Tech 5

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Tech 5 will be the basis of a game based on 'new IP' for id, meaning no more Doom or Quake. Carmack claims to have made more headway eliminating textures as a bottleneck, following on from his mega-texture work, and… Go To Full Article

AMD's roadmap is in a terrible muddle

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WHEN THE SELF-AVOWEDLY paranoid chip company that is Intel has its back against the wall, it doesn't behave like a cornered rat, spit and snap in all directions and make a leap for its tormentor's neck. Go To Full Article

Thermaltake V1 Heatpipe Copper AMD/INTEL CPU Cooler

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Don't let the odd appearance fool you. It may look strange, but the V1 performs just as well as other air coolers that have a more traditional round or square shape. It works on the idea that heat rises, and… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Cooler

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The MaxOrb is one of the two latest CPU coolers released by Thermalake, the other being the uniquely shaped V1. Hoping that their latest releases will keep them in the front pack of this never-ending CPU cooler… Go To Full Article

AMD immersive gaming - HD 2900 Explained

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AMD's incorrigible Richard Huddy explains some of the graphics rendering capabilities of the new Radeon HD 2000 series, and how it enables an unparalleled level of realism. Go To Full Article

Scythe Kama Meter

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Scythe is perhaps best known for its CPU coolers but the firm also has a bunch of other products including power supplies, keyboards, HDD enclosures, fans and fan controllers. In this review I'm taking a look at the Scythe Kama… Go To Full Article

Using a Thermalright SI-128 for Silent Cooling

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The next shot shows the rubbers fitted in the mounting wholes of the fan, so no need for screws or other retention methods. The fan used on the is cooler is a IBLĀ® Fan 12/1000 QF (which is 120mm and… Go To Full Article

Jetway JM2A692-GDG Mainboard

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The Jetway JM2A692-GDG Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The Mainboard with Multimedia (HDMI) and Onboard Graphics for AMD AM2 CPUs with a small price? See you the the following Review on Windows and Linux. Go To Full Article

the $100,000NT Fatal1ty shootout at Computex Taipei

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Here he is. The best Quake 4 player in Taiwan, the winner of the Fatal1ty shootout and the man who won the right to go head-to-head against Falal1ty for $100,000NT. Being the amazing reporter that I am, I was more… Go To Full Article

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