Student and Professor Build Budget Supercomputer

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This past winter Calvin College professor Joel Adams and then Calvin senior Tim Brom built Microwulf, a portable supercomputer with 26.25 gigaflops peak performance, that cost less than $2,500 to construct, becoming the most cost-efficient supercomputer anywhere that Adams knows… Go To Full Article

Honeywell, in cooperation with the Borg, develop self-healing HDMI cable

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Yesterday there was Monster Cable's Speed-Rated HDMI cables and today, Honeywell's CURxE self-healing cable. Sounds like someone in the marketing department decided that the error correcting built into the HDMI spec wasn't good 'nough and told the engineers to incorporate… Go To Full Article

Medion's Windows Home Server-based MD 90110 gets detailed

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Just as HP reportedly delayed its own Windows Home Server-based device, Medion's iteration is getting all fleshed out, so let's get right down to the dirt, shall we? Apparently, the MD 90110 will feature an AMD Sempron 64 or Intel… Go To Full Article

HP and Compaq unveil new AMD-powered laptops

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Shortly after loosing a slew of AMD-based desktops, HP and Compaq have now unleashed a trio of Pavilion and Presario laptops powered by Advanced Micro Devices. The 17-inch Pavilion dv9500z series offers up a nice selection of AMD Turion 64… Go To Full Article

Researchers develop a 360-degree holographic display

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Researchers at USC have taken another step towards that holiest of sci-fi dreams: the 3D holographic display. Using a spinning mirror covered with a "holographic diffuser," a special DVI implementation, and a high-speed projector, the team's device can project a… Go To Full Article

Intel Readies 1600 MHz Front-Side Bus Xeons

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Intel’s latest roadmap reveals three new Penryn based Xeon models with a higher front-side bus speed – 1600 MHz. The three new 1600 MHz front-side bus processors are available in dual-core and quad-core models. Quad-core Xeon E5472 and E5462 are… Go To Full Article

Ultra-Small Hard Disk Drives: Does It Make Sense?

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Hard disk drives built on 1-inch platters and USB flash drives. Same size, same storage capacity, same functionality. But similar technologies very rarely can exist side by side: competition inevitably eliminates one of them. Which one has better chances today?… Go To Full Article

Startup Invents Wireless HDMI Interface

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Amimon, a startup based in Santa Clara, California, has unveiled a chipset that enables transmission of high-definition video streams over the air, virtually eliminating the need of wires for high definition multimedia interface (HDMI). The company calls its technology Wireless… Go To Full Article

Zalman CNPS8700 LED and Thermaltake V1 Processor Coolers

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Today we are going to introduce to you two new CPU cooling solutions. The cooler from Zalman is targeted for compact and low-profile system cases, while the Thermaltake solution is expected to be appealing to overclocking aesthetes who enjoy a… Go To Full Article

Asus, Gigabyte Prep AMD 790 Based Mainboard for Release

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Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology, two large makers of computer mainboards, plan to release mainboards powered by Advanced Micro Devices’ new-generation AMD 790 core-logic set already in September. The new chipset will support innovative technologies like PCI Express 2.0 and… Go To Full Article

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