Msi Nx8800gts-t2d320e-hd Oc

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With prices below $300, the power of the best NVIDIA has to offer is now available for everyone. With the only difference between the two GTS models being the amount of GDDR3 RAM (640MB vs. 320MB) the sub-$300 price is… Go To Full Article

Zalman Z-Machine GT1000 Case

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Zalman is about to launch a new very high-end all-aluminum case, called Z-Machine or simply GT1000. This case is an evolution over their previous Fatal1ty case, check it out. Go To Full Article

Codegen M701-CA Case

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It's not often that I like a case in the budget range, but Codegen has done a great job in offering a quality case for a decent price. There were no sharp edges, and the features this case has to… Go To Full Article

ST-Lab PCI ATA-133 RAID Card

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Nowadays most of the plates mothers they offer different types and capacities to arm adjustments from your hard disks. For this, they have extended enormously enough ports SATA and diminished ports IDE. In this revision we gave review to you… Go To Full Article

SteelSound 5H v2 Gaming Headset

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Although the SteelSound 5H v2 is clearly targeted at more hardcore gamers, it is also perfectly suited for the casual player who hops online every so often for a session of World of Warcraft, Counterstrike, or whatever other title the… Go To Full Article

Mineral Oil Submerged Computer

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The mineral oil aquarium alone had an incredible ability to absorb heat into the oil, and for that reason, this is a great setup for periods of load less than 12 hours long. As long as you give it some… Go To Full Article

Asetek solves its capacity constraints

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Asetek will now work in a manufacturing handover mode - the company will continue to manufacture prototypes and small production batches in Denmark, but mass availability will be reached when AVC gets prototypes in manufacturing form.<br><br> Knowing… Go To Full Article

HP Unveils Combo Blu-ray Writer, HD DVD Reader Plans

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Hewlett-Packard has long stated its intention to support both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD--the two next-gen formats vying to succeed DVD. Today, the company has unveiled plans to ship PCs that can both read and write to Blu-ray, and can… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Trading Technology For Intel Cooperation

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Nvidia has had discussions with Intel and has already reached several agreements for cooperation, noted the sources, adding that details of the agreements remain unknown. Nvidia Taiwan declined to comment on the report. Go To Full Article

Intel CPU's have OC black box

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A few big retailers and etailers have confirmed that Intel actually can check if you overclocked your CPU. When you burn your CPU Intel asks its retailers and etailers to return the CPU's back and in three to five weeks… Go To Full Article

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