ATI Graphics Partners Declining To Drop Price of HD 4870

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The ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB was to drop to $129, while the Radeon HD 4870 512MB was scheduled to be cut to $149. This was supposed to be accomplished primarily through the use of mail-in rebates, which ATI would… Go To Full Article

BFG LS-450 Power Supply

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The BFG LS-450 represents a new lower powered offering in the BFG LS series and in the process switches up OEM providers. In this process it would have been easy for BFG to have simply dropped the ball on an… Go To Full Article

AMD Does Not Believe in x86 Central Processing Units from Nvidia

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As the inventor of the x86 instruction set – Intel Corp. – remains tight-lipped over Nvidia Corp.’s plans to enter the market of x86 system-on-chip (SoC), Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second producer of x86 microprocessors, claims that it is… Go To Full Article

USB 3.0 Specifications To Be Finalized In June, Speed Up To 5000Mbps

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USB 3.0 will, together with SATA 6Gbps take our storage medias to the next generation and even if the SATA interface gets a nice boost it is nothing compared to what the third generation of USB promises. USB 2.0 has… Go To Full Article

Ultimate low noise PC: Samsung PC-over-IP Monitor

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Video demo of a new Smart Monitor that uses PCoIP for remote desktop over standard IP networks - all 3D graphics, all applications, and all USB peripherals. Includes support for long distance WAN networks up to 10,000Km.

[M] A look at DDR2, DDR3 and SSD Products At Cebit 2009

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Memory manufacturers were quite well represented this year at Cebit. SSD drives captured most of the spotlights at the memory manufacturers´ booths, but we did see a lot of interesting DDR3 products as well. Have a look at the most… Go To Full Article

Toshiba to start SSD production in the Philippines in Q2

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Confirming some fresh rumors, the buyer of Fujitsu's hard drive business, Toshiba, has revealed that it will start to manufacture solid state drives in the Philippines to complement the Japanese SSD production. Toshiba's intention comes from the need to increase… Go To Full Article

US judge rules Hynix must pay Rambus $396 million

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A U.S. judge issued a final ruling on Tuesday ordering Hynix Semiconductor Inc (000660.KS) to pay memory chip designer Rambus Inc (RMBS.O) $396 million in a long-running patent dispute. The judgment of $349,035,842 in damages and an… Go To Full Article

Pillar Data Systems preparing SAN powered by Intel X25-E SSDs

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SSDs, everyone's favorite inevitability, have been penetrating the market most notably at two points at opposite ends of the storage market: low-end netbooks and high-end SAN applications. The SAN end of the equation may soon be seeing some love later… Go To Full Article

Nvidia plans a Geforce GTX 285 with 2Gb

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Since Radeon HD 4870 already comes in 2GB, and the HD 4890 will likely also come in 2GB versions, Nvidia doesn’t really have any other choice than to launch its 2GB card in the same market segment. … Go To Full Article

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