Corsair VX450w

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Why is it that in order to get quality from a product you have pay through the nose for it? What ever happened to the days when quality came as a standard and you didn't pay extra to get it?… Go To Full Article

Hard Drive Failure: Warnings and Solutions

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Hard drive failure is a black and white thing. If the drive is working at all, you have a drive which is about to fail and is exhibiting the above warning signs in varying degrees. Once actual failure occurs, it… Go To Full Article

Silverstone ST35F and ST50F: More efficiency for less money

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ST35F und ST50F – More efficiency for less money by SilverStone A continuous power output with an efficiency higher than 80% – with 350 or 500 Watts for a good price. SilverStone completes the product range with… Go To Full Article

Technology enhancement for the be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER series

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Technology enhancement for the be quiet! STRAIGHT POWER series as from October 2007 Glinde, Germany, 21.09.07. Listan GmbH & Co. KG is famed as the developer of the exceptionally quiet, high-quality be quiet! power adapters. For October… Go To Full Article

FSP Fortron Source Release New High Watt Modular Power Supplies

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This month FSP and Fortron Source are proud to release their first modular power supplies on the market, the new series will be called "Everest" and will be available in 800W and 1010W versions. Designed for users who are looking…

OCZ Announces the Highly-Anticipated PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200 PSU

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OCZ Announces the Highly-Anticipated PC Power & Cooling Turbo-Cool 1200, the Industry’s Most Powerful NVIDIA® SLI ™ Certified Single-Rail PSU Turbo-Cool 1200 Power SupplyDelft, Netherlands—October 3, 2007—OCZ Technology Group (LSE: OCZ), a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high… Go To Full Article

Blatant Chinese rip-off of the Wii - the Vii

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The Vii…is this company serious? Let’s hope this is some sort of joke that we are missing out on due to a lack of knowledge when it comes to the language. Go To Full Article

LCD TN Panels that are produced too economically?

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We are still reaping the results from the tests and unveiling of the various Samsung SyncMaster 226BW versions. At first, it enabled us to see the number of different panels used for the same reference number as well as the… Go To Full Article

CIPA up in arms over EU tariff rules for Digicams

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The Camera & Imaging Products Association has released a statement in regards to a new EU legislation which would impose a higher tax on digital cameras. The EU has adopted a new tariff classification under which all… Go To Full Article

Memory speed impact on Intel Core 2 Systems

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Basically with my current setup using DDR2, I can plug the memory into the motherboard, then go ahead and overclock the CPU while keeping the memory near its rated speed and timings. The memory speed and timings… Go To Full Article

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