Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 965P Express Motherboard

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The Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 is a balanced motherboard that is capable of completing any task that you ask of it. Even though the motherboard has loads of integrated features like IEEE 1394a, plenty of Serial ATA II ports, Gigabit networking and… Go To Full Article

Danger Den releases Geforce 8800 GTS High Performance Water Block

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Danger Den and BFG Technologies worked together to bring a top of the line watercooling product to the 8800GTS.

Cooler Master CoolViva Pro Videocard Cooler

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Viva la cooling! Or so we hope, as videocards know how to turn up the heat. When left unchecked, these toasty chips exhibit all kinds of nasty behavior, from distracting artifacts to game lockups and system reboots.… Go To Full Article

OCZ ProXStream 1kw OCZ1000PXS ATX PSU

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Today I'll be looking at OCZ's first entry into the 1000w domain with their brand new ProXStream 1kw unit based around a standard ATX sized casing. Will it be any better than the other similarly sized 1kw units we've tested… Go To Full Article

No R600 to be demoed at Cebit?

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Reports from Taiwan's graphics card manufacturing industry are revealing that AMD's recently announced delay of its upcoming flagship graphics processing unit (GPU), the R600, was not just a shock and disappointment to fans of the former-ATI, who have been waiting… Go To Full Article

More AMD R600 Details Released

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<center><img src= ></center> Certainly it is good to see ATI's next-gen graphics cards showing up even if it is not pushing pixels. We have been able to confirm some other R600 news that is not good. ATI… Go To Full Article

Next-Generation "Mid-Air Display" Technology Debuts

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The $18,400 system, which produces an impressive 3-dimensional display that appears to hover in mid-air, now features native 1024x768 resolution and significantly quieter operation according to the manufacturer. The previous version of the Heliodisplay was limited to native SVGA resolution… Go To Full Article

AMD demos Barcelona, claims 42% floating-point edge vs. Xeon

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At a press event today, AMD/ATI talked up their forthcoming quad-core Barcelona processor. The company claims that the next-generation processor, due out in the second half of 2007, bests the quad-core Xeon 5355 by 42 percent in SPECfp_rate. SPECfp_rate is… Go To Full Article

Lian Li PC-777 System Case

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Today we would like to tell you all about a very interesting system case from a well-known manufacturer Lian Li. The company is a little over 20 years of age, and for their anniversary they designed something truly exceptional. Go To Full Article

EPoX Optimus EP-AF590 SLI2 Motherboard

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The highest offering from nVidia for AMD Athlon K8 is the nForce 590SLI boasting dual full-speed PCI Express x16 slots, advanced RAID features and overclocking that manages to score really high for the AMD platform. nVidia did announce the upcoming… Go To Full Article

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