Enermax Uber Chakra Case

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Besides being a well-known power supply manufacturer, Enermax also manufactures cases. Today we are going to take a look on their latest release, Uber Chakra, a 5-bay case featuring a colossal 250 mm fan on the side panel Go To Full Article

Viewsonic VX2435wm 24" LCD

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Large widescreen displays are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst gaming enthusiasts. The ViewSonic VX2435wm 24inch Widescreen LCD has elegant styling and loaded with features, but falls short on overall display quality, especially for the computer user. I found… Go To Full Article

EVGA 680i LT motherboard

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This is the first 680i LT motherboard we test and compared with other 680i based motherboards showed good performance and of course overclocking abilities Go To Full Article

P35 "Bearlake" Preview

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The P35 is the first chipset that will be released belonging to the Bearlake family - all members of which are made on a 65nm process, a which should allow for lower voltages and higher speeds. It will also bring… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake LANBOX Case

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Today we are going to take a look at a great compact system case from Thermaltake that permits the use of full-size hardware. Targeted for LAN party fans, it offers attractive exterior, excellent internal design and great functionality. Read more… Go To Full Article

PC2-9200 and PC2-10000 SDRAM: Ultra High-Speed Memory from Corsair and OCZ

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The leading manufacturers of overclocker memory modules are conquering another speed limit. Now DDR2 SDRAM can work at 1150 and 1250MHz. In our today’s review we are going to check what these speeds actually mean for overclockers and how pleased… Go To Full Article

Silverstone Decathlon DA750 Modular Power Supply

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Look Ma, no cables! Like it or not, modular cables are here to stay, and Silverstone is getting in on the action too. Featuring the same single +12V design as its wired siblings (Olympia OP series), Silverstone's… Go To Full Article

Overclocking at Intel

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A while back we got an offer to come up and visit Intel in Stockholm and take a tour of the office in Kista and perform some hardcore overclocking in Intel's laboratory. These are some key elements: Five Intel Core… Go To Full Article

Silver Power Blue Lightning 600w PSU

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Rock solid power, sexy looks and silence all at a budget price? Silver Power show it is possible with their Blue Lightning 600w PSU. Go To Full Article

DFI Lanparty NF680i LT Overclocking

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The new Nvidia chipset, the NV680LT, has already demonstrated its superiority on the NV680 SLI version. The result of the implementation of this chipset on this DFI motherboard is an outstanding overclock-oriented motherboard, that doesn’t need any… Go To Full Article

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